Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nature as Being

This is a delicious evening,
when the whole body is one sense
and imbibes delight through every pore.

I go and come with a strange liberty
in Nature, a part of herself.

~Henry David Thoreau

Of Note: Nature surrounds us on all sides. It interpenetrates our very being. Thoreau knew this. Many other do not. To them, nature is a stately tree, a leaping tiger, a delicate flower petal--the exterior skin. In reality Nature is a giving Being, a Soul of extraordinary qualities, which evolves by giving of Herself in eternally diverse forms. Many take the forms for the Being itself. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Creating and then destroying in rhythmic dance Nature weaves patterns of Herself into life as we know it. What we call Beauty is simply Nature at Her finest seen through human eyes in awe of Godliness on display. What we don't see are Her invisible layers which are even more magnificently regal. When our third eye is opened, we will see in Truth what Nature is. Nothing can prepare us for that day.

Today's Weather Report: At this very moment it is a cold 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold and cloudy perfectly describe the weather today as I made the rounds and said hello to old friends. Old friends bring a warmth that is immeasurable and make outside conditions seem inconsequential--a perfect antidote for long winter months. It was a good day to escape because plumbers were extending the wood boiler heating system to more parts of the house. Soon even our hot water will be fueled by the wood boiler. In addition to this work, an electrician was installing a generator. That 30-hour power outage several weeks ago was the impetus for all this work. No longer will electricity reign supreme at the Schirott's.