Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Moon: Vast, Mysterious, Still

The moon came up behind
the black trees to the east,
and the wilderness stood forth,
vast, mysterious, still.

All at once the silence and
the solitude were touched
by wild music, thin as air,
the faraway gabbling of
geese flying at night.

~Martha Reben
A Sharing of Joy

Of Note: In a few minutes, the full moon of Sagittarius will announce itself as totally receptive to the loving touch of the sun's rays. These two opposites will dance in harmony for only a little while before they move along to meet again next month in a different sign. Throughout the eons they have kept the rhythm intact, undulating to the music of the spheres. The animals respond in kind and understand the nature of the union. Humans, who know, wait in anticipation and then participate in a direct connection to universal energy. Soon, it is over, and the day moves forward ignorant of the saving grace bestowed upon Earth in the night. But some know and carry the memory until the next time, creating a continuum of knowledge down through the ages.

Today's Weather Report: Snow is falling and it is currently a balmy 21 degrees Fahrenheit. The dogs went out for their evening romp several hours ago and returned covered in white. They looked a little like small polar bears. The forecasters call for 8 inches to fall by late morning. It will be a perfect cap to the current bed of snow for Christmas. With the kids coming from Florida on Friday, it is even better. Having been in northern Wisconsin for 30 years now, I cannot imagine living in a place without it. So that means that I'll be staying--even if it takes a -40 degree Iditarod snowsuit to get me out on those uber-cold days.