Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every Hour as a Miracle


~Walt Whitman

Of Note: To an observer, miracles describe all of Life. And Walt Whitman was an observant man who brought over from the other side a descriptive mind in order that we might see more clearly. This line comes from his short poem "Miracles." If a person wanted to get a sense of a poet in contact with the divine, recommended reading must include his epic tale "Songs of Myself." Here's a hint, the "myself" describes the journey of his soul through the world of men and with that in mind is quite a moving piece. It's reassuring to know that there are men and women among us who are in the know and leading us every step of the way.

Today's Weather Report: Since the last blog report, more snow has fallen. We have been inundated which was better than the alternative--frigid cold. But, the cold will descend on us tonight just in time for the new year. Don't know about you, but we will be in bed early. It's been quite a week with the funeral of Jim's Mom on Tuesday in Racine. Many blessings to all in 2010--it is shaping up to be quite a year.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Heavenly Blessings on Christmas!

The unthankful heart discovers no mercies...
but let the thankful heart sweep through the day
and, as the magnet finds iron, so it will find,
in any hour, some heavenly blessing!

~Henry Ward Beecher

Of Note: And what's more, a heart lit up with gratitude and love will then emanate the blessings so magnetized. Picture how the world would change if we actually saw the Christ light emanating from each of our hearts. We would then Know. But, even pretending we saw this light in each of our brothers and sisters could change the world overnight. On Christ-mas Day, let's take a minute and give this a try. Just for a minute. Tomorrow we can try two minutes. In sixty days we'd have a whole hour. In 1440 days we would have 24 hours covered. Bet we would not need more than that to see the Christ Light in everyone.

Today's Weather Report: The blizzard which started the night before last has yet to subside. Bet we have the 2 feet that was predicted. Apparently, we have 14 fresh inches since yesterday--and there was already 9 or so yesterday. More is expected. Amazingly, it was raining a little while ago but that was only momentary. Rain. Go figure. One neighbor described it as shoveling wet cement. Misty, our new puppy, is a great co-pilot in the snowplow. When things get too rough, she just puts her head under Jim's elbow. Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Blossoming Souls


~Marcel Proust

Of Note: It is the accepted wisdom that we are placed on this earth to attain a state of happiness. While happiness is not bad as emotions go, it is not a state that will induce the needed growth required by the soul in physical manifestation. We might actually be more grateful to those who make us unhappy, for these people can be the catalyst for change. That thought might be hard to accept--but reflection on it in the coming year might prove enlightening.

Today's Weather Report: The big news today is the blizzard that is currently blanketing the Midwest on Christmas Eve. We have at least 9 inches of snow with much more to come in the next 24 to 36 hours. Could be that we get the two feet mentioned on the weather reports. The East coast was inundated last weekend with two feet of snow, so guess it is our turn now. Misty, our new huge German Shepherd puppy, is a long-coat and is right at home burying herself in the fluffy stuff. Jim's Mom died peacefully last Saturday so we are mourning her passing while at the same time celebrating her life. At 90 years old, she lived a long, fruitful life and was line-dancing just a little over a year ago. We went to see her last week and am glad she waited for us to say our goodbyes.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Your Name Echoes Through the Universe

Eternal spirit --
Earth-Maker, Pain-Bearer, Life-Giver;
Source of all that is and that shall be;
Father and Mother of all.

Loving God, in whom is heaven.
the hallowing of Your name echoes
through the universe!

~The New Zealand Prayer Book

Of Note: Have you ever asked why God needs us at all? Why He just doesn't do it without us--certainly Someone who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent doesn't need a mere human. Or does He? The answer is yes, He does. Ageless wisdom teaches that God is not conscious as we understand the term and comes to KNOW through us as He evolves. The breadth and depth of this "knowing" is beyond our imagination but the synthesis of all our experience is Humanity's contribution to God and ultimately the universe. Our responsibility is enormous, but Humanity slowly but surely appears to be awakening to its destiny as a Light-bearer. Ever onward and upward--both for Humanity and for God.

Today's Weather Report: Jim reports that the temperature is in the 20's though I haven't been out today myself to check it out. He had a nice fire going in the fireplace when I awoke this morning for which I was grateful on this chilly day. The guys are still hunting but still not shooting anything. It would appear that the local wolf pack of 13 has taken their share of the deer leaving none for the stalking humans.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keep It Simple


~ Mary Helen Brindell

Of Note: A friend says to me all the time: "Keep it simple." I couldn't agree more in principle, but in practice it is much more difficult. Just when I think I've got SIMPLICITY down, some seemingly complicated person, place or thing occurs and blows my good intentions to smithereens. That's why simplicity is a common theme in this blog. It is a way to keep the attitude front and center in my brain. Actually, I've been told that simplicity is a divine attribute, and the nearer to the fact we get, the closer to "heaven" we've come. Just shows I've got a ways to go yet!

Today's Weather Report: Snow with a mind to stay around fell for the first time this season. The first snow is always so beautiful though its allure dissipates sometime in March for me. For others who flee to warmer climates, any snow is too much. I was surprised when I moved up here from Texas thirty years ago that cabin fever is an actual malady. Some folks go a little crazy toward the end of the winter after they've been cooped up without much sunshine for days on end. Others just hibernate and come out when the spring thaw arrives. I would be in the latter category.