Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keep It Simple


~ Mary Helen Brindell

Of Note: A friend says to me all the time: "Keep it simple." I couldn't agree more in principle, but in practice it is much more difficult. Just when I think I've got SIMPLICITY down, some seemingly complicated person, place or thing occurs and blows my good intentions to smithereens. That's why simplicity is a common theme in this blog. It is a way to keep the attitude front and center in my brain. Actually, I've been told that simplicity is a divine attribute, and the nearer to the fact we get, the closer to "heaven" we've come. Just shows I've got a ways to go yet!

Today's Weather Report: Snow with a mind to stay around fell for the first time this season. The first snow is always so beautiful though its allure dissipates sometime in March for me. For others who flee to warmer climates, any snow is too much. I was surprised when I moved up here from Texas thirty years ago that cabin fever is an actual malady. Some folks go a little crazy toward the end of the winter after they've been cooped up without much sunshine for days on end. Others just hibernate and come out when the spring thaw arrives. I would be in the latter category.

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Carol Anderson said...

Cabin Fever is indeed a real semi-psychotic state that happens somewhere between January and March...Victims have launched themselves off on Pumpkin Chuckers, drawn Green Bay Packer emblems in the snow and some have even been found writhing in the snow, spinning in circles and laughing hysterically...especially in Seeley where there appears to be an epidemic of sufferers.