Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even When You Are Dead, You Are Alive

Even when you are dead, you are alive.
You do not cease to exist at death.
That is only an illusion.

You go through the doorway of death alive,
and there is no altering the consciousness.

It is not a strange land you go to
but a land of living reality where
the growth process is a continuation.


Of Note: If humans believed this spiritual fact, the world would never be the same. No longer would we be afraid of death but see it only as a change of address--something we had done time and time again in order to gain additional experience in the school called Earth. With understanding and grace, we would know when it was time to exit when our work was complete. The end of life would no longer be the realm of physicians rather friends, family and helpers. We would talk with excitement about the other side where we will be greeted by family, friends and helpers. Like Emmanuel said, a continuation, forever and a day.

Today's Weather Report: Temps in the seventies predominated today with no clouds in the sky. A slight breeze kept the air from getting to clammy. A neighbor was fishing last week, and the pontoon paddle boat handle broke in half. He had quite a time getting to shore. As luck would have it, the Hayward store where the boat was purchased was out of business. Thank heavens for the Internet. Within 2 days, the new parts were in hand. After repairing the vessel, it was relaunched today and is now moored at the dock rather than being dragged on to shore. Dragging, sand and rudders don't mix. That's the lesson here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dust to Dust

I have never liked the phrase that says
we're just made of dust and return to dust.

We are energy, which is light.
We are Fire and water and earth.
We are air and atoms and quarks.

Moreover, we are dreams, hopes and fears held
together by wisdom and driven apart by folly.
So much more than dust.

The biblical verse should say,
"Miracle thou art and to Mystery returneth."

~Robert Fulghum
Beginning to End

Of Note: Mr. Fulghum seems to take exception with dust. The anti-dust camp blames it for many things, all the way from allergies to the worst of diseases. Even poverty is associated with the stuff. But, dust is us. We breath it in every second of the day. It is fire, water, earth and air that make up the physical aspects of the universe. Breathtaking sunsets are the product of dust. Although I agree with Mr. Fulghum that we are miracles, he might reconsider his idea about changing the biblical verse and ponder more deeply the meaning of the original text.

Today's Weather Report: Burr, a cool morning greeted us today at 53 degrees Fahrenheit. The dogs were awakened early by the cement truck pouring at the barn. This is not a real animal barn rather a barn for wood. It is also being turned into a pavilion for picnics by the bocce ball court. The vision is in my husband's head, and I watch it unfold as the summer days progress. After all, we only have a few months to get all the construction dreams completed.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Master Calls a Butterfly


~Richard Bach

Of Note: When we can see the whole picture then it may be possible to ascertain the truth of the matter. Problem is, we rarely see the whole, only bits and pieces of this and that. For example, much of what we hear on the news is selectively screened information or simply blatant propaganda. The answer is to become the Observer and, knowing that we do not know, withhold opinion and the concomitant emotion. Just watch. It is amazing how much we would take in if we held no preconceived ideas. While it is fairly impossible to do, it is worth a try every day. One day we too will be a Master and know the whole at all times. But right now the best we can do is know we do not know and become the Watcher. The world with more Watchers would be a world more filled with peace.

Today's Weather Report: More rain was forecast today but all we had was clouds. That was good because I was finishing a project outside that required a rainless day. Now that it is done, I hope we get thunderstorms to clear the humidity and chop down the mosquitoes. It seemed that they had disappeared this year, but the past few days the pesky buggers have been out in droves, even during the day. Having just gotten over Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease, I don't need a mosquito-borne disease like West Nile Virus. A friend sent me an article about a case of Ehrlichiosis that was not promptly treated with devastating results. Thankfully, I know the symptoms and started the antibiotic right away.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Paths from the Foot of the Mountain

Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain,
but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon.
~Ikkyu, Zen monk

Of Note: This thought has been expressed in many different languages throughout the ages. It leads to the conclusion that judgment should be left at the foot of the mountain as we all trudge up the path together. Think how much easier the progress would be if we KNEW that we were a connected chain moving in the same direction. As it stands, we do not. Thus, the going is far more rough than necessary.

Today's Weather Report: More rain except today we are under a severe weather alert. That's when the map shows reds, oranges and yellows. At this time of year a prognosis like that could mean tornadoes, though tornadoes generally are spawned from hot temperatures, which we have not had. No one is complaining about temps in the seventies Fahrenheit. The seeds planted in the garden six weeks ago are just starting to poke their heads out of the ground, though the old perennials are lush and have been for weeks. Some one in town said we have had a foot of rain this month. That is a little hard to believe. Watch for an eclipse Sunday morning on the day following the full moon of Cancer. It is predicted to be spectacular right before sunrise.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remaking Ourselves

As human beings, our greatness lies not so
much in being able to remake the world--
that is the myth of the "atomic age"--
as in being able to remake ourselves.

~Mahatma Gandhi

Of Note: In consciously remaking ourselves, the world gets dragged along whether it wants to or not. It is not and never has been the other way around. Human thought create and re-create in an ongoing evolutionary process from behind the scenes. It is part of our Divine heritage. This is one reason the Peace Pilgrim was quoted as saying: "If we realized how powerful our thoughts were, we would never think a negative thought." Remember that next time the news, which survive by the motto "If it bleeds, it leads," broadcasts the latest tragedy, gossip or speculation. We humans can do better, much better. The whole world is waiting.

Today's Weather Report: It is partly cloudy and in the mid-seventies. Birds are tweeting and frogs are harrumphing in the background. From a distance, a squirrel is chirping, maybe having been treed by a dog. The squirrels always win because they have the advantage of climbing. They are amazingly nimble. It rained all day yesterday again. How glorious. My sister emailed an article about the surprising lack of sunspots which may be having an impact on the weather. Could it be that there may be a more cosmic reason for global warming than human activity?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dead By Midnight

Treat everyone you
meet as if he or she were
going to be dead by midnight.

Extend to them all the care, kindness,
and understanding you can muster,
and do so with no thought of reward.

Your life will never be the same.

~Og Mandino

Of Note: After losing a few loved ones, many of us come to the realization that nothing guarantees us one more minute, let alone one more day on Earth. The next question might be this: what is this all about anyway? Could it be that Mr. Mandino directs us to the answer? He doesn't give THE answer for each of us must come to that realization on our own. But he gives us a hint as to how to find the answer. The great Master Jesus put it even more succinctly: "Love one another as I have loved you"--which was unselfishly and unconditionally. In this command He was telling us why we exist. Simple really.

Today's Weather Report: Happy Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! We awoke to glorious sunshine with a 40% chance of rain. No problem, I thought, we've hardly ever had rain with only a 40% chance. Well, at 1 PM the skies darkened and soon torrents of rain were falling. For several hours. Ever so slowly our lake is rising, though it will take many days like this to bring it up the many feet it is down. The flower garden is drinking in the moisture and rewarding us with a bounty of color. The first day lilies bloomed last week, and today the Asian lilies are opening. Soon we will have a stunning display. The most showy time of the season is soon approaching.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Playing Small

There is no passion to be
found in playing small,
in settling for a life that is less than
the one we are capable of living.

~Nelson Mandela

Of Note: The soul has a plan for each of us. We participated with enthusiasm in the pre-planning before arrival upon Earth but have often forgotten the agreement. We can remember, however, in flashes of insight garnered through meditation. Sometimes a life spent in passionate work for others is all that is seen of the original agreement. I would bet that Nelson Mandela knows that. He has lived that. Our heartfelt condolences go to Mr. Mandela and his wife as they bury their young great-granddaughter following a recent automobile accident. May these virtual flowers rest on her grave and the peace of God be with her.

Today's Weather Report: The sunny day is welcome following all the days of rain, if only to get a few things done outside. Everyone is talking about mowing because the grass is getting ankle deep. Still cool, with temps in the mid-fifties Fahrenheit in the early mornings, rising to the seventies during the day. Perfect really. I am almost finished with week two of the Doxycycline for Ehrlichiosis. The darn things make me nauseated but not all the time so the pills only slow me down some. There is so much to do in the summer, it's a real anxiety producer to not be out every day getting some of the list done. Seems like small potatoes, however, in the scheme of things.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The History of This Generation

Few will have the greatness
to bend history itself;
but each of us can work to change
a small portion of events,
and in the total of all those acts will be
written the history of this generation.

~John F. Kennedy

Of Note: JFK was not only talking about "this generation" of which he was a part but the next several generations. We can be sure he saw the vision in his mind. The responsibility of the required change is enormous, and we are up to the task. How? Because many levels of Beings are watching and helping us in our work at this time. We cannot fail.

Today's Weather Report: It keeps raining day after day lately. Thunder woke me up this morning around 6 am. I wonder how much rain it would take to end the 8-year drought. Bet this isn't nearly enough. But, it might raise the level of the lake an inch or two. With temperatures in the low 60's Fahrenheit it is cool with no humidity. Very pleasant for a spring day. Summer begins next week on the longest day of the year.

Friday, June 11, 2010

That Time Is Now

In the course of history, there comes a time
when humanity is called to shift to a new level
of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground.
A time when we have to shed our fear
and give hope to each other.

That time is now.

~Wangari Maathai

Of Note: Ever wonder why people just cannot get along? What is it about humans that we always want to fight? To disagree and argue? Why is it we find stress the norm rather than the exception? Could be that our underlying human psychology finds harmony through conflict? We live in an environment of duality, which requires resolving the pair of opposites conundrum. We really have no choice but to learn the lessons of the soul in the spiritual school of hard knocks called Earth. From an evolutionary perspective, a soul would be excited to have finally made it to the tests provided by the Earthly experience. It would be the time to finally shine.....literally. With that in mind, maybe the conflicts we see could take on a new light. Could it be that they are simply a necessary stage in the soul's path to enlightenment? Not conflicts in the usual sense, rather hard lessons--until they are no longer hard or lessons. We may be approaching a time when humanity as a whole recognizes that experience, and when it occurs, a new age will unfold "before our startled eyes."

Today's Weather Report: It is chilly and raining. Rain and more rain is coming our way today. We just had a full day of rain two days ago, and the "welcome rain" signs are out everywhere. Well, not literally, but at least figuratively. The flower garden is lush from all the rain. Of course, the weeds are loving the moisture as well.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The People We Need the Most


~Mayor Unita Blackwell

Of Note: Mayor Blackwell was the first black woman mayor in Mississippi and espoused the idea that liberals and conservatives needed each other to fulfill their higher purpose. With the heightened political infighting taking place in Washington DC and elsewhere, she may be on to something important. Could it be that neither side has the right answer or the whole truth? If we stand back, it would seem obvious that this is the case. How could we KNOW for certain given the filtered information we view that we have the correct answers? Maybe it is time for a few intrepid liberals and conservative to talk without animosity and see what happens. They could invite Mayor Blackwell to facilitate the discussion.

Today's Weather Report: It was only 40 degrees Fahrenheit this morning at 6 AM. That's chilly for this time of year. Much below that and I would have to bring in the porch plants. Yesterday I was running a temp of 102. My guess is that I have Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease that I had last year in June as well. Thankfully I saved a few antibiotics from last year in case it happened again, which saved me a trip to the emergency room. I went to the ER last year, and that was no fun. The antibiotic has worked a minor miracle, and today I am in the land of the living again though I will trek into the clinic on Wednesday to get a full dose of antibiotics. Also, if I'm am not feeling 100% better, we can try to figure out what's what. In the last five years, I have had blastomycosis, shingles, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Ehrlichiosis so who knows what else might be going on. Hopefully, this is just Ehrlichiosis again which is quickly dispatched with Doxycycline.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Power and Love

Power without love is reckless and abusive.
Love without power is sentimental and anemic.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Of Note: We often hear that if we would only love one another, all would be well. In one of his last speeches, Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us it is not that easy. Good intentions are just that, the intention to do good. Without the will to carry it out, potential good can stagnate and eventually fester leaving only cynicism and hopelessness in its wake. A new idea is emerging in public and private philanthropy. Power and love, head and heart, must proceed together in order to change the world. This means that a business model will work with the poor--who by and large want to help themselves. Ask them and they tell us that. Donations are a good start in conjunction with a working plan to create sustainable businesses. The developed world has had the opportunity and flourished. It is now time for the developing world to have the same. I predict that when this new idea becomes widespread, the poor may eradicate poverty from within and eventually not need help. In fact, in the process, they may teach the developed world a thing or two about business acumen coupled with compassion about which they may be experts.

Today's Weather Report: The rain today is sorely needed. It is official; this is our 8th year of drought! No wonder the lake is down so far.
The flower garden has never looked better, drought or not. The turtles have been laying their eggs all week in the driveway. The dogs bark and bark during this process until called in. They have no idea that one quick snap, and their nose could be gone. Turtles can be very quick and don't let go. Hopefully, the two dogs will not have to learn that lesson. Misty, the pup who was mauled by the bear, has another wound on her back at the top of the healed incision line. I should say apparently healed. The vet believes this hole is caused by stitches making their way to the surface. Thus, we are in a waiting and watching mode, and she is on more antibiotics.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

On the Road to Truth


~The Buddha

Of Note: Ever wonder why we are here anyway? What's the point? The Buddha answered those questions in his succinct statement. He stressed that we are finding the Truth but to participate in that process, we must get started and consciously step onto the Path. After that, there is no turning back without consequences. Scary, yes, but exhilarating when we realize that conscious evolution is our destiny. Yes, that's it, onward and upward toward Truth with no turning back.

Today's Weather Report: What a beautiful, busy day. It was like Grand Central Station around here with well-drillers punching down a new well and the washer repairman arriving in the middle of it all, only to be turned away because of the lack of electricity. I was in the middle of a long email when everything electric in the house went dead around noon. Come to find out, we had no electricity for most of the afternoon because the electric company cut our line without notice to do repair work. Considering there are only three residences on our road, it would have been easy to let us all know, particularly since the next door neighbor is 97!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some of Them Will Fly

Just give people a way to walk so that

eventually they can run,
and then you'll see them dance.

Some of them will even fly.

~Rita Bright

Of Note: Rita Bright was quoted in the revealing book, The Blue Sweater, by Jacqueline Novogratz, who started the Acumen Fund. Jacqueline was originally an brilliant idealist banker who wanted to save the world but did not know how. After working mainly in East Africa for many years, she saw that giving grant money and other aid was detrimental to the very people it was supposed to help. She became a staunch advocate of the "teach them to fish" school of thought. Eventually, her Acumen group did one better. They sought third world entrepreneurs who were creating sustainable solutions for the problems of poor people--most of whom were once poor themselves. With the additional low-interest rate loans from the fund, these entrepreneurs could expand from reaching thousands of people to millions. It gives the idea of flying a new meaning.

Today's Weather Report: Last evening we had a delightful thunderstorm with big boomers. The garden and I were extremely grateful. It wasn't enough to fill the lake, but did give the plants a little drink. With as large a garden as I have, it is impossible to water the whole thing. Most of the plants are on their own water-wise. My streptocarpus, pictured above, is blooming again. It was given to me by my lovely daughter for Mother's Day many, many years ago. Actually, this is the offspring of the original plant, which died from unknown causes. Thankfully, it gave up a few leaves on its way out, which eventually grew into this plant.