Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The History of This Generation

Few will have the greatness
to bend history itself;
but each of us can work to change
a small portion of events,
and in the total of all those acts will be
written the history of this generation.

~John F. Kennedy

Of Note: JFK was not only talking about "this generation" of which he was a part but the next several generations. We can be sure he saw the vision in his mind. The responsibility of the required change is enormous, and we are up to the task. How? Because many levels of Beings are watching and helping us in our work at this time. We cannot fail.

Today's Weather Report: It keeps raining day after day lately. Thunder woke me up this morning around 6 am. I wonder how much rain it would take to end the 8-year drought. Bet this isn't nearly enough. But, it might raise the level of the lake an inch or two. With temperatures in the low 60's Fahrenheit it is cool with no humidity. Very pleasant for a spring day. Summer begins next week on the longest day of the year.