Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dust to Dust

I have never liked the phrase that says
we're just made of dust and return to dust.

We are energy, which is light.
We are Fire and water and earth.
We are air and atoms and quarks.

Moreover, we are dreams, hopes and fears held
together by wisdom and driven apart by folly.
So much more than dust.

The biblical verse should say,
"Miracle thou art and to Mystery returneth."

~Robert Fulghum
Beginning to End

Of Note: Mr. Fulghum seems to take exception with dust. The anti-dust camp blames it for many things, all the way from allergies to the worst of diseases. Even poverty is associated with the stuff. But, dust is us. We breath it in every second of the day. It is fire, water, earth and air that make up the physical aspects of the universe. Breathtaking sunsets are the product of dust. Although I agree with Mr. Fulghum that we are miracles, he might reconsider his idea about changing the biblical verse and ponder more deeply the meaning of the original text.

Today's Weather Report: Burr, a cool morning greeted us today at 53 degrees Fahrenheit. The dogs were awakened early by the cement truck pouring at the barn. This is not a real animal barn rather a barn for wood. It is also being turned into a pavilion for picnics by the bocce ball court. The vision is in my husband's head, and I watch it unfold as the summer days progress. After all, we only have a few months to get all the construction dreams completed.