Monday, November 30, 2009

The Same Stream of Life

The same stream of life that runs through
my veins night and day runs through
the world and dances in rhythmic measure.

~Rabindranath Tagore

Of Note: We are all one is a tired truism that we learn from childhood. Problem is, we really don't believe it. How do we know that? Because our actions do not reflect our "belief." A true belief is mirrored in action. If we really knew and understood the depth of our Oneness, our world would resonate with the spiritual values of sharing, justice, compassion and brotherhood. A practice of meditation upon these values and attempts to model them in whatever environment we find ourselves would go a long way in the transformation of humanity. What's more, it's free.

Today's Weather Report: The sun peeked out this morning,but was only teasing. Soon heavy clouds rolled in, and we were back to the usual November weather. If anyone has an idea on how to break a puppy from eating cat poop, please let me know. Maybe that is the reason the cats have not been so skittish around the dog--they smell their smell on her breath and think she's morphed into one of them, only bigger.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Always Know In Your Heart


~Dan Zadra

Of Note: "Turning the other cheek" is a recommendation coming from the highest authority, Jesus the Christ. He not only stated the fact but lived Love. It was this demonstration--ending in death--that allowed Humanity to see what the divine quality of Love could be. But more importantly, His resurrection anchored Love in the hearts of Humanity and flipped the switch to "ON." It is the gift of Christ, and for that, He is called Savior.

Today's Weather Report: At 25 degrees Fahrenheit today, we could say BURRR! and mean it. A light dusting of snow greeted us when we arose this morning. The new doggy, Misty, hadn't seen snow before, and she frolicked like a little kid. We can't wait until she experiences a few feet of it. The cats, two of whom are pictured above, and dog declared a truce today--or maybe they just took Sunday off. Whatever the reason, we were pleased. Maybe animals can learn to turn the other cheek, too.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Mirror of Introspection

Through love and sincerity,
your inner life in every way

by daily looking into the
mirror of introspection.

~Paramahansa Yogananda

Of Note: Busy lives provide little time for introspection. We fill our days with lots of seemingly important stuff until we fall into bed each night exhausted. So one day gets piled onto the next until we are old and look back not quite knowing where the time went and what we did with it. There is another way. Ageless wisdom suggests a period of looking back on the day with a short reflection as to our thoughts and subsequent actions. Great insight is possible with such a practice. It really sounds too simple to work, but it does. And besides that it's free.

Today's Weather Report: Dense cloud cover described the day. Temps were in the 20's so a jacket was a must outdoors. Our new dog, Misty, is adjusting very well--it is like she has lived here her whole life. What energy! However, the cats have not adjusted to her energy yet and stay hidden most of the time. The only exception is the old cat, Beaner, who walks right by the dog as if she isn't there. Guess it helps that the elder feline is blind in one eye and deaf.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Planting Seeds That Will Flower

We plant seeds that will
flower as results in our lives,
so best to remove the weeds of
anger, jealousy, envy and doubt,
that peace and abundance
may manifest for all.

~Dorothy Day

Of Note: Service to humanity and nature's other kingdoms is part of our divine nature and a gift to the universe. Removal of the weeds of vice is one form of service and is the place from whence every disciple starts on the path. Sometimes it's easier to begin with one vice and work on it for a month or more. When it no longer hinders or hinders less, then we are able to tackle the second. By the time the third and fourth roll around, we get pretty good at it. What's more, the renewal feels good and the guilt associated with poor performance disappears. There is no need to wait until the New Year to start this feel-good practice. Let's start now on Thanksgiving--there's no better time than the present as a wise man once said.

Today's Weather Report: Well, the forty degree Fahrenheit temps couldn't last forever and today it's in the twenty's and cloudy. It's rather dreary actually. But with all we have to be grateful for, who cares about the cloud cover today. Our new dog, Misty, is laying at my feet fast asleep. Jim pooped her out this morning with a long walk. He could not get over her exuberance. According to him, she can cover 100 yards in a matter of seconds. That's what I would call "lightening fast." HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and many thanks to my sister, Marie, for her continued support of this blog with her outstanding photos!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Most Efficient Mirror

No man is the originator of anything.
He is merely a mirror in which
the cosmos is reflected.

And the wisest man is simply
the most efficient mirror.

~ Dr. A. S. Raleigh

Of Note: This statement reflects the truism "As above, so below." One meaning of these words is this: we, humanity, can know the cosmos by looking at ourselves. Thing is, we don't really know our true Selves. When we eventually come to that revelation--and each of us do--it is said the whole universe will open before our startled eyes.

Today's Weather Report: It is still in the mid-forties Fahrenheit, if you can believe it. Tell you the truth, we can't. I don't remember any late November when the temperatures lingered much above freezing, let alone in the forties. Today we welcomed it because we added a new member to our family, a 7-month of German Shepherd named Misty. Tonight she is lonely without her kennel mates and is pacing downstairs--all the while whimpering pitifully. Nothing can sooth her at the moment. Hopefully, this phase will pass within a few days, and she will slip effortlessly into our family.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giving Makes a Life

From what we get we can make a living;
what we give, however, makes a life.

~Arthur Ashe

Of Note: Giving opens the gates of heaven. It is as if we have crawled out of a hole and see the light of day for the first time. Karma is accumulated as we take and take; it is only by giving that this cycle ends. Giving physically is not bad but often occurs with selfish motives, even if we don't want to admit it to ourselves. Therefore, it's actually a form of taking. Giving mentally through meditation is the key to the door.

Today's Weather Report: Dark and dreary and getting more dark and dreary. The temp is 38 to 40 degrees. Jim just reported that he and his hunting partner heard a wolf very close today. Apparently, it let out a two minute howl....probably he or she got the deer for which the hunters were watching. That's only a guess, of course. Though, the 13-member wolf pack that our neighbor sighted recently could definitely explain the lack of deer in our area the last two years. When we asked, a local wolf authority said that a wolf pack of that size is unprecedented and would probably not remain that size for long.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Friend Who Really Cares

A friend who can be silent with us in
moments of despair or confusion,
who can tolerate not knowing,
not curing, not healing--
that is the friend who really cares.

~Henri Nouwen

Of Note: A friend who can be silent at the right moment is a friend indeed. That kind of friend knows that our souls have everything well in hand, and each of us needs to work through our own life's experiences. It is guaranteed that friend's like this have had good friend mentors themselves. Being such a friend and mentoring others in the process is a gift to the planet.

Today's Weather Report: It's still hovering in the forties although the clouds rolled in sometime during the night. The day could be officially classified as dreary. Hunting season starts at sunrise on Saturday, and the guys are talking about hunting in tee-shirts! For those who side with the deer, it is interesting to watch how smart they get this time of year. We will see them every day before the first day of deer hunting then they disappear until the day after the season closes. Really. Don't know where they go, but they go somewhere deep into the woods safe from guns and bullets.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where Love Is


~Leo Tolstoy

Of Note: Tolstoy had it right that God is anywhere love hangs out. What he might have been keeping from us, is that God is also where love is not. After all, if we accept that God is everywhere and everything, that would have to be the case.

Today's Weather Report: It was a grand 44 degrees Fahrenheit all day. I spent the afternoon cleaning the new windows in the Taj Mahal hunting cabin on stilts. Now they are more clean than the windows at home. With the plastic down and windows in, the view is spectacular. One side looks out on Mossback Lake, the other at a deep ravine where the Namekagon River used to flow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Light of the Sun

As the light of the Moon is the guarantee
that the light of the Sun exists,
so the light of the Sun is the
guarantee of a still greater Light.

~ Master Djwal Khul

Of Note: We take for granted the lone moon shining above us at night, and the sun peering down on us every day. That they point to a greater Existence could be a new thought. Not mentioned in this passage is the "lesser" light blazing in each and every atom, which continues the hierarchical chain with no beginning and no end. Beautiful really. The day will come when Humanity will partake in the vision and literally see all the connections. Even now individuals have the sight and are the forerunners of a new age. They look forward to the day all will follow.

Today's Weather Report: Even though it was bright and sunny today, the temps did not rise above freezing. So, the warm outside appearance was a little deceptive. We usually have only 4 days of sunshine in November and have had many more than that in the first 17 days of the month. Sunshine is always welcome. Because of the unseasonal, delightful weather, the "Taj Mahal" hunting cabin now sports windows, and the rubber roof will be completed tomorrow. No more rain inside!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Love is a Work of Peace


~ Blessed Mother Teresa

Of Note: Mother Teresa is a favorite on this blog, it seems. Some people are just good at summing up the truth in a few sentences or less. These kind of folks are definitely in direct communication with the Divine Consciousness. For me personally, this ability is one or two steps removed from where I'm at--though we will all be there some day, I believe. This thought gives real meaning to the phrase "Onward and Upward. "

Today's Weather Report: It was 51 degrees today for the high. 51 degrees is warmer than it was for half of the summer! Odd weather, but welcome--even if it was overcast like a typical November day. At this moment it's raining. We know that because the King of the Cats just came in soaking wet and wanted to get close. Ick. There's nothing worse than a big, wet, smelly cat. I take that back, a big wet, smelly dog is worse although I'm sure readers of this blog might have other nominations in the wet, smelly animal category.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being Love




~ Mother Teresa

Of Note: Mother Teresa reminds us that Love is a way of being rather than an action. We are inherently loving beings and eventually attain that lofty goal through the evolution of consciousness. A loving being emanates a sweet perfume that enhances the entire environment and attracts magnetically, much like flowers, which are powerful and beautiful signs indicating the path of love. Ask any gardener if this is not true.

Today's Weather Report: The sunrise this morning was spectacular--blood red with streaks of bright pink and mellow purple. The old timers have a saying "Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning." That could explain why the clouds rolled in later in the morning though nothing has happened so far. However, I'm still waiting because I've got faith in those old sailors.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



~ Christopher Reeves

Of Note: You might have noticed a theme since I started writing the blog again after taking the summer off. This insightful statement by the former Superman summed it up in a few simple words. Through day-dreams or use of the imagination, acting "As If" always works. As a matter of fact, it's the oldest psychological trick in the book, probably going back to ancient times. Back then, folks most likely just did what worked without thinking so much about it and may have gone straight from the dreams to the inevitable in one fell swoop. It is our modern brain that has added the thought of improbability and impossibility to the mix. The world might benefit greatly if we got back to the ancient knowledge and utilization of our creative skills without taking so many steps to get there.

Today's Weather Report: It was warm again outside, probably in the 40's. The roofers came out to begin the project on the Taj Mahal hunting cabin. By the end of the week, we will be able to say "Let it rain, snow, hail or sleet." With a new rubber roof and windows, the building will be snug and will no longer rain on the inside like it did a few weeks back. On another note: it is 5:00 pm and dark outside for the most part. What a difference from July and August when it was light until almost 10:00 pm!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Discovering Fire

Someday, after we have mastered
the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity,
we shall harness for God the energies of love.

Then for the second time in the history of the world,
we will have discovered fire.

~ Teilhard de Chardin

Of Note: Can you imagine a world where Love, Truth and Beauty reign supreme? Light would definitely have to be part of that bountiful scene. In my mind's eye, all beings glow from the inside out--like fireflies--each emanating it's own combination of color from a scintillating palette. It will take such imaginative thoughts to create a beautiful future. Might I suggest that every day we take five minutes and rest with our eyes closed thinking about a future filled with Love, Truth and Beauty. The universe will thank us for the thoughtful contribution--and if nothing else, it will be the best five minutes we spend each day in communion with all like-minded people.

Today's Weather Report: Here we are talking about fire again. As I was reporting on it two days ago, unbeknown to me, Jim was fighting a big grass fire in our field! It burned a large section before going out--thankfully, two neighbors helped. Although the field is a sooty black now, next spring the growing grass will be thrilled with the ash. Today it was a balmy 51 degrees Fahrenheit, and a friend and I enjoyed a lunch of soup and salad in the streaming sunlight.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Afire With God


~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Aurora Leigh

Of Note: That "God is Fire" is a foundational belief in ageless wisdom. It is not the only manifestation of God on the physical plane, but it is one of the easiest to conceptualize. We all know what fire looks like and what are its exoteric qualities. Heat, light, color, sound, movement. But the essence of fire is still a mystery to most of humanity because it has its origins on planes we cannot see. Substance on the invisible etheric plane is fire as it is on every plane including the mental and astral. When we get "all fired up," we are recalling this truth held collectively by the whole. It has been said that the etheric lines of communication, the light and sound waves of the air, underlie all human and planetary relationships and evolutions. Thus, it is invisible fire that binds us and holds all together as one. The Lucis Trust offers 429 half-hour radio programs concerning the tenets of ageless wisdom. For example, a program concerning the etheric body is number 361. Individual programs can be accesses on-line at This is a FREE offering to anyone with a spark of interest in universal knowledge.

Today's Weather Report: Wow, it's 50 degrees Faherenheit right now! So warm that the bulbs which arrived in the mail today were quickly planted in the still unfrozen dirt. That will not be the case for long, however. These bulbs were sent because of a small donation we made to the Arbor Day Foundation, whose mission is to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees--and the organization backs this up by planting trees all over themselves. We had not been members before this year, but I am impressed so far.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Seasons and Breathing

Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.

~Yoko Ono

Of Note: The four seasons are reminiscent of the four cycles of breathing: inspiration, higher interlude, expiration, lower interlude. Activity followed by inactivity, and then again. It is during those periods of inactivity, the interludes, where the fires carried from the breath create. Paradoxically, these are the magical times. We might remember that in-activity has its place as we scurry from one doing to another in a constant state of busy-ness. We are told that without moments of quiet through meditation, we will not discover our true Self. Sogyal Rinpoche said of meditation: "Its purpose is to awaken in us the sky-like nature of the mind, and to introduce us to that which we really are, unchanging pure awareness that underlies the whole of life and death."

Today's Weather Report: At 40 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, you would think it is spring outside. Summer and winter are the extremes and not interchangeable, but there are days in spring and fall that could fool you. This photo of the leaning maple tree was taken last fall on the Namekagon River that runs next to our property. It clings to live with perseverance though one day will fall into the river and be swept away by the currents.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Wonders of the Universe

The more clearly we focus our attention on the
wonders and realities of the universe around us,
the less taste we shall have for destruction.

~Rachel Carson

Of Note: Some may grouse at the money spent on the national space program. After all, couldn't this money be better spent feeding the poor or taking care of the sick and homeless? I have felt that way a number of times during the many takeoffs and landings of the soon obsolete space shuttle. But, then I think of the breathtaking and paradigm-shifting photographs of the universe beamed from the Hubble Space Telescope and reconsider. While providing sustenance for bodily needs is vitally important, nourishing the mind is equally so. One could argue that using the mind is the foundation of a sustainable future; indeed, its proper use might guarantee that there is a future to experience.

Today's Weather Report: When we got up this morning, clouds and drizzle welcomed us. At 34 degrees Fahrenheit, we were wondering how long the drizzle would last because a 2 to 4 degree drop would guarantee icy roads. Let me tell you, light rain in those conditions is the worst. Thankfully, it never got below freezing. The lone duck above was photographed on a gorgeous day in August by my daughter, Susanne, during a visit we made to Bayfield on the shores of Lake Superior. The duck thought she carried food and soon a whole flock of ducks arrived waiting for a handout. Unfortunately for them, the only things we toted were a camera, purses and a shopping bag. They soon dispersed, but not before several pictures were snapped. On another note, many thanks to for the many quotes that are delivered to my email every day and find their way to this blog.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hugging as a Miracle Drug

Hugging is nothing less
than a miracle drug.
Hugging is all natural.
It is organic, naturally sweet,
no artificial ingredients,
environmentally friendly
and 100% wholesome.

~ Charles Faraone
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Of Note: Isn't hugging great? Besides all the above attributes, giving hugs is free. And free is good these days. Rachel Ramen said that in the silence of listening, we can know ourselves in anyone. We could say the same about hugging. For in heart meeting heart, no secrets remain.

Today's Weather Report: This glorious sunset last evening predicted the bright and beautiful day that greeted us this morning. I have photographed out my front door a multitude of sunsets over the past two years, and many of these shots have graced these pages. Last evening's was the most stunning and spectacular ever, bar none. Maybe the heavens were giving us a real show because it was All Saint's Day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Imagination as the Fountainhead


~ Rolio May
The Courage to Create

Of Note: It is predicted that some day in the future we will not work as we do now. As Humanity moves closer and closer to its ultimate destiny, that of Light-bearer for the universe, simplicity will reign and needs will be met. People will not be enslaved by money as they are now. Sharing will have taken the place of hoarding on a global level. Everyone will be educated, and children will understand that all are one. How will this come about? Only by our use of the creative imagination now to envision a future where love, light and power prevail. Because of the immutable cosmic law, energy follows thought, acting AS IF the future is here now is a good start to a transformative meditative exercise.

Today's Weather Report: It rained all afternoon, on and off, following a bright, sunshining morning. Temps are in the low to middle forties. Pretty typical for a fall day. Historically, November has few days of sunshine at all. The little we got this morning may be all there is most of the month.