Thursday, November 26, 2009

Planting Seeds That Will Flower

We plant seeds that will
flower as results in our lives,
so best to remove the weeds of
anger, jealousy, envy and doubt,
that peace and abundance
may manifest for all.

~Dorothy Day

Of Note: Service to humanity and nature's other kingdoms is part of our divine nature and a gift to the universe. Removal of the weeds of vice is one form of service and is the place from whence every disciple starts on the path. Sometimes it's easier to begin with one vice and work on it for a month or more. When it no longer hinders or hinders less, then we are able to tackle the second. By the time the third and fourth roll around, we get pretty good at it. What's more, the renewal feels good and the guilt associated with poor performance disappears. There is no need to wait until the New Year to start this feel-good practice. Let's start now on Thanksgiving--there's no better time than the present as a wise man once said.

Today's Weather Report: Well, the forty degree Fahrenheit temps couldn't last forever and today it's in the twenty's and cloudy. It's rather dreary actually. But with all we have to be grateful for, who cares about the cloud cover today. Our new dog, Misty, is laying at my feet fast asleep. Jim pooped her out this morning with a long walk. He could not get over her exuberance. According to him, she can cover 100 yards in a matter of seconds. That's what I would call "lightening fast." HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and many thanks to my sister, Marie, for her continued support of this blog with her outstanding photos!

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You're welcome, my sister and friend!
It's an honor to be a contributor to your inspiring work of love.