Monday, November 2, 2009

Hugging as a Miracle Drug

Hugging is nothing less
than a miracle drug.
Hugging is all natural.
It is organic, naturally sweet,
no artificial ingredients,
environmentally friendly
and 100% wholesome.

~ Charles Faraone
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Of Note: Isn't hugging great? Besides all the above attributes, giving hugs is free. And free is good these days. Rachel Ramen said that in the silence of listening, we can know ourselves in anyone. We could say the same about hugging. For in heart meeting heart, no secrets remain.

Today's Weather Report: This glorious sunset last evening predicted the bright and beautiful day that greeted us this morning. I have photographed out my front door a multitude of sunsets over the past two years, and many of these shots have graced these pages. Last evening's was the most stunning and spectacular ever, bar none. Maybe the heavens were giving us a real show because it was All Saint's Day.

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