Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Light of the Sun

As the light of the Moon is the guarantee
that the light of the Sun exists,
so the light of the Sun is the
guarantee of a still greater Light.

~ Master Djwal Khul

Of Note: We take for granted the lone moon shining above us at night, and the sun peering down on us every day. That they point to a greater Existence could be a new thought. Not mentioned in this passage is the "lesser" light blazing in each and every atom, which continues the hierarchical chain with no beginning and no end. Beautiful really. The day will come when Humanity will partake in the vision and literally see all the connections. Even now individuals have the sight and are the forerunners of a new age. They look forward to the day all will follow.

Today's Weather Report: Even though it was bright and sunny today, the temps did not rise above freezing. So, the warm outside appearance was a little deceptive. We usually have only 4 days of sunshine in November and have had many more than that in the first 17 days of the month. Sunshine is always welcome. Because of the unseasonal, delightful weather, the "Taj Mahal" hunting cabin now sports windows, and the rubber roof will be completed tomorrow. No more rain inside!

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