Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Wonders of the Universe

The more clearly we focus our attention on the
wonders and realities of the universe around us,
the less taste we shall have for destruction.

~Rachel Carson

Of Note: Some may grouse at the money spent on the national space program. After all, couldn't this money be better spent feeding the poor or taking care of the sick and homeless? I have felt that way a number of times during the many takeoffs and landings of the soon obsolete space shuttle. But, then I think of the breathtaking and paradigm-shifting photographs of the universe beamed from the Hubble Space Telescope and reconsider. While providing sustenance for bodily needs is vitally important, nourishing the mind is equally so. One could argue that using the mind is the foundation of a sustainable future; indeed, its proper use might guarantee that there is a future to experience.

Today's Weather Report: When we got up this morning, clouds and drizzle welcomed us. At 34 degrees Fahrenheit, we were wondering how long the drizzle would last because a 2 to 4 degree drop would guarantee icy roads. Let me tell you, light rain in those conditions is the worst. Thankfully, it never got below freezing. The lone duck above was photographed on a gorgeous day in August by my daughter, Susanne, during a visit we made to Bayfield on the shores of Lake Superior. The duck thought she carried food and soon a whole flock of ducks arrived waiting for a handout. Unfortunately for them, the only things we toted were a camera, purses and a shopping bag. They soon dispersed, but not before several pictures were snapped. On another note, many thanks to for the many quotes that are delivered to my email every day and find their way to this blog.

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