Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some of Them Will Fly

Just give people a way to walk so that

eventually they can run,
and then you'll see them dance.

Some of them will even fly.

~Rita Bright

Of Note: Rita Bright was quoted in the revealing book, The Blue Sweater, by Jacqueline Novogratz, who started the Acumen Fund. Jacqueline was originally an brilliant idealist banker who wanted to save the world but did not know how. After working mainly in East Africa for many years, she saw that giving grant money and other aid was detrimental to the very people it was supposed to help. She became a staunch advocate of the "teach them to fish" school of thought. Eventually, her Acumen group did one better. They sought third world entrepreneurs who were creating sustainable solutions for the problems of poor people--most of whom were once poor themselves. With the additional low-interest rate loans from the fund, these entrepreneurs could expand from reaching thousands of people to millions. It gives the idea of flying a new meaning.

Today's Weather Report: Last evening we had a delightful thunderstorm with big boomers. The garden and I were extremely grateful. It wasn't enough to fill the lake, but did give the plants a little drink. With as large a garden as I have, it is impossible to water the whole thing. Most of the plants are on their own water-wise. My streptocarpus, pictured above, is blooming again. It was given to me by my lovely daughter for Mother's Day many, many years ago. Actually, this is the offspring of the original plant, which died from unknown causes. Thankfully, it gave up a few leaves on its way out, which eventually grew into this plant.