Monday, May 31, 2010

Spontaneous Service

Just as a flower gives
out its fragrance
to whomsoever
approaches or uses it,

so love from within us radiates
everybody and manifests
as spontaneous service.

~ Swami Ramdas

Of Note: Every one of us is busy. So busy, we often cannot find time to give as we would like. Often that means we are left to contribute money as our only humanitarian effort. With a check securely sent in the mail or, more often these days, donated on-line, our consciouses are clear, and we move on to another hectic day. Swami Ramdas has another idea of service--that of giving by being love. No money is required. Being love is not easy, but ultimately, it might be the only REAL act of service required.

Today's Weather Report: It is another great day in the 70's Fahrenheit, neither hot nor cold. Perfect. Only a few little fluffy clouds grace the sky. I was out mowing today for a few hours. Seems the grass is shouting alleluia at the perfect weather by growing several inches a day. That may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Today is Memorial Day, and we remember all of those who have died in service to the world. Thank you.