Monday, May 10, 2010

Make Visible the Invisible


~Robert Bresson

Of Note: The breaking news in genetic science: most people carry Neanderthal genes. That revelation surprised the scientists, who had no idea that the burly Ice Age hunters, long thought to be extinct, survive in humanity embedded in their DNA. This was the first time that a genome of an ancient human species had been reliably sequenced with no doubt that the DNA came from Neanderthals and not sloppy lab technicians. Based on this information, many have now asked whether Neanderthals can be called a separate species. Diane Ackerman mused: "It began in mystery and ends in mystery, but what a beautiful country lies in between." I would bet that when all genomes are routinely sequenced, more surprises will be in store. After all, we also carry genetic traces of worms. Some day the meaning will be revealed.

Today's Weather Report: It is partly cloudy today with an 80% chance of SNOW tomorrow. Snow, can't believe it. About this time of year, I'm ready to put on shorts, cut the grass, pull weeds and tend to my flower garden. Snow blows a hole in that plan. Misty will have her stitches out tomorrow from that attack three weeks ago. She is healing well but stays a bit closer to home that she used to. We still have no idea what got her, but a human attack is not out of the question.