Monday, May 3, 2010

Spirituality--No Penthouse of Existence

Sometimes people get the
mistaken notion that spirituality
is a separate department of life,
the penthouse of existence.

But rightly understood,
it is vital awareness that
pervades all realms of our being.

~Brother David Steindl-Rast

Of Note: Ah, spirituality. That word connotes in many minds religious experience of some sort. Thus, many people who would not identify themselves as religious do not identify with spirituality either. In fact, as the kind Brother notes above, spirituality is not an experience rather a growing awareness of a way of being. It opens the door to the Reality that Love is. What it takes to get from one revelation to the next can look messy on the outside. As a matter of fact, it can appear absolutely chaotic--but that is only an illusory appearance. Thus, as we tread the spiritual path, for in fact that is what we all are doing every day, judgment of others must be left behind for appearances can be and usually are deceiving.

Today's Weather Report: It is cloudy and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, with a slight breeze blowing. Last Friday the main dock here was hauled off as it was useless with no water under it anymore. The second dock is being replaced today by a new one that will extend further out into the lake where there is still water....and away from the gigantic snapping turtle which holed up under the old dock that was removed. This monster was 2 feet across and maybe 100 years old. Although I'd heard tales, I had never seen it until last summer. Interestingly, the small painted turtles ate the growths trailing from its back, and it could care less. Instead, it lifted its head from the water and looked curiously at my granddaughter and I, who were stationed safely on the dock. The tales it could tell!