Sunday, May 2, 2010

What We Love Transforms Us


~Jan I Richardson

Of Note: No one would argue that central to growth is a constant process of evolution. That is the meaning of the phrase Onward and Upward. What is little understood is the place that love plays in that transformation. Humanity has gotten quite far with their brains in overdrive--"technology can fix everything" is the steady mantra. But the heart is sometimes lost in the search for the material goods. What is needed to get us past this current impasse is the connection of head to heart. When that occurs, another world unfolds--one that we did not know existed. That is the world that the Christ is offering to us in revelation. It is the world of the future that is being created today as we transform ourselves through the magic of love.

Today's Weather Report: It's late and the dogs are barking at the moon, no doubt. Since last writing this blog, the two have gotten much bigger and are now quite at home. Misty, the older pooch, tangled with something two weeks ago, and it took 18 inches of stitches to close the two wounds. We will never know what or who did this to her and wish she could tell us. We do know she is not that interested in going outside without us. The spring has been temperate and today it was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice went out on the lakes on March 28--one of the earliest on record. This was the first year I can remember that we did not have snow on or about April 1st. The violas pictured above are some of the first flowers to grace the garden.