Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing Else To Do

The sun, with all those planets
revolving around it
and dependent upon it,
can still ripen a bunch
of grapes as if it had nothing
else in the universe to do.

~ Galileo Galilei

Of Note: Albert Einstein once said that there are two ways to look at life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other as if everything is a miracle. He and Galileo should have gotten together, don't you think? Two revolutionary geniuses discussing their worldviews would have been something to hear.

Today's Weather Report: The weatherman had it right, snow is falling as we speak and has been all afternoon. No telling where it came from exactly, but we all hope it comes and goes quickly. Thankfully, few plants are up yet; so, they will not get nipped in the bud. The little apple tree I planted a few days ago is probably loving the moisture. The dogs, who went running with Jim in the snow, are completely soaked and happy. They love running more than anything, except a biscuit.