Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Wise Shape Their Minds

As irrigators lead water where they want,
as archers make their arrows straight,
as carpenters carve wood,
the wise shape their minds.


Today's Weather Report: It has been pouring rain all day. We could use it as the above photos show. Mind you, the water used to be up to the board parallel with the bottom of the picture though not for several years. Thus, one day recently we decided to take the old dock out and call it a day. Two local entrepreneurs, the Doc Doctors pictured here, came out a hour after we called and within two hours had the old dock rolled out for $50. Amazingly, the tires were still inflated after all these years. The gargantuan snapping turtle that dwells under the old dock may miss the shade. Maybe it will move on to another location so the grandkids can swim there. Obviously, this is not possible with the turtle lurking.