Friday, May 21, 2010

The Dance of Life

To be alive in this beautiful,
self-organizing universe--
to participate in the dance of
life with senses to perceive it,
lungs to breathe it, organs
that draw nourishment from it--
it is a wonder beyond words.

~ Joanna Macy

Of Note: Only fools would try to explain why we are here. Yet, day after day fool like me go at it with vengeance. Problem is, the push to know often results in little progress. Maybe that is because we are trying too hard to know the visible while Reality reigns on the invisible planes. Maybe the answer is to simply look at what is before us and meditate on the cause of it all. Jesus once said, "Ask and you shall receive." If we want to know badly enough and with the proper motive, certainly the Cause of It All will provide a response.

Today's Weather Report: The day started off sunny and is coming to a close with multi-layered clouds in the sky. A little while ago it was sprinkling tiny, tiny drops which is perfect for the six lilacs and other new plantings. Today, my Mom, who was visiting from Texas, and I created a colorful window box full of begonias fashioned after that of a friend. I had always wanted one but could not get my brain around what plants to put with what. Well, with some help, it all came together.