Monday, May 24, 2010

Evolutionary God

I give thanks, Holy Mystery,
to have a part in this evolutionary phenomenon,
and to strive for communion with all life,
however diverse and bewildering,
to be alive and conscious
in the midst of an unfolding universe
whose existence stretches back
an almost unthinkable passage of time,
across an almost inconceivable
ocean of space.

To know my own true name this day
is to recognize myself to be your creature,
your child, your very hope and promise,
and to pledge myself as faithfully as I can
to celebrate my part in this colossal drama
with passion and humility.


~William Cleary
Prayers to an Evolutionary God

Today's Weather Report: Hot and humid. Sticky and muggy. Tongues hanging down to the floor kind of day. No respite. It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit with 90% humidity. That says it all. Thunderstorms are expected this evening, some of which could be severe. Last evening Chewy, the 8-month old, 82.5 pound puppy got a treble hook from a lure stuck in his lip. That entailed a 9 pm emergency trip to the vet clinic in Spooner--it being Sunday, the on-call vet took care of the matter expeditiously with a piece of cotton fabric and a quick flip of her wrist. There was not even any blood. The $236 bill made that lure the most expensive on record.