Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God Is Awake

Have courage for the great sorrows of life,
and patience for the small ones.

When you have laboriously
accomplished your daily tasks,
go to sleep in peace.

God is awake.

~ Victor Hugo

Of Note: Many people think of God as a Person, an Entity, and if that be true, God is indeed awake at every moment in time. Like a great Deity watching over his flock. Another way of thinking of God as awake would be to consider God as a Principle underlying all of creation, that which we see and that which we don't. In this sense, God Is as in All That Is. All. Of course, we cannot really get our brain around the notion since we have no real concept of that which we see let alone that which we cannot see or comprehend. But in meditation when our brains are quiet, such revelations become possible. For those interested in getting to the crux of the matter, meditation on the concept could potentially speed up the process.

Today's Weather Report: The oppressive heat has let up, and it is now again in the 70's Fahrenheit. There is not a cloud in the sky so I have no idea why the forecast shows showers today. My daughter and her husband visited last weekend and took this picture of our lake. Several years ago before the drought, the lake covered these logs which are remnants of logging in the late 1880's. At that time, this elbow-shaped lake was the Namekagon River, and logs were moved down it to the mill in Hayward. Later the river was permanently diverted to the other side of our property so that the logs would have a straighter path. This discovery six years ago was the start of a book by my husband that was published last fall called The History of the Northwoods.