Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life Shatters You

Life does not accommodate you;
it shatters you.

Every seed destroys its container,
or else there would be no fruition.

~Florida Scott-Maxwell

Of Note: Life after the life the soul evolves its consciousness through varied experiences, many apparently unpleasant. At death the container is shattered through sickness, injury or simply old age. Death provides the means for new, expansive experiences for the soul the next time around. We only see the container and believe it is the fruit that is important. Not so. In reality, the seed of the soul is the buried treasure.

Today's Weather Report: It's in the 80's today and HOT in the sun. So we went from cold, rainy spring to hot summer weather in a week. Not unusual for northern Wisconsin. Today I bought 6 lilac bushes to plant on a berm I denuded of wild raspberry bushes last year. In prep for a new planting of something, all the weeds that grew among the raspberries were killed. The place was a mess before and untouchable because of the prickly berry plants. Now we will have something more civilized, more in keeping with the rest of the expansive flower gardens.