Monday, June 7, 2010

The People We Need the Most


~Mayor Unita Blackwell

Of Note: Mayor Blackwell was the first black woman mayor in Mississippi and espoused the idea that liberals and conservatives needed each other to fulfill their higher purpose. With the heightened political infighting taking place in Washington DC and elsewhere, she may be on to something important. Could it be that neither side has the right answer or the whole truth? If we stand back, it would seem obvious that this is the case. How could we KNOW for certain given the filtered information we view that we have the correct answers? Maybe it is time for a few intrepid liberals and conservative to talk without animosity and see what happens. They could invite Mayor Blackwell to facilitate the discussion.

Today's Weather Report: It was only 40 degrees Fahrenheit this morning at 6 AM. That's chilly for this time of year. Much below that and I would have to bring in the porch plants. Yesterday I was running a temp of 102. My guess is that I have Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease that I had last year in June as well. Thankfully I saved a few antibiotics from last year in case it happened again, which saved me a trip to the emergency room. I went to the ER last year, and that was no fun. The antibiotic has worked a minor miracle, and today I am in the land of the living again though I will trek into the clinic on Wednesday to get a full dose of antibiotics. Also, if I'm am not feeling 100% better, we can try to figure out what's what. In the last five years, I have had blastomycosis, shingles, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Ehrlichiosis so who knows what else might be going on. Hopefully, this is just Ehrlichiosis again which is quickly dispatched with Doxycycline.