Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even When You Are Dead, You Are Alive

Even when you are dead, you are alive.
You do not cease to exist at death.
That is only an illusion.

You go through the doorway of death alive,
and there is no altering the consciousness.

It is not a strange land you go to
but a land of living reality where
the growth process is a continuation.


Of Note: If humans believed this spiritual fact, the world would never be the same. No longer would we be afraid of death but see it only as a change of address--something we had done time and time again in order to gain additional experience in the school called Earth. With understanding and grace, we would know when it was time to exit when our work was complete. The end of life would no longer be the realm of physicians rather friends, family and helpers. We would talk with excitement about the other side where we will be greeted by family, friends and helpers. Like Emmanuel said, a continuation, forever and a day.

Today's Weather Report: Temps in the seventies predominated today with no clouds in the sky. A slight breeze kept the air from getting to clammy. A neighbor was fishing last week, and the pontoon paddle boat handle broke in half. He had quite a time getting to shore. As luck would have it, the Hayward store where the boat was purchased was out of business. Thank heavens for the Internet. Within 2 days, the new parts were in hand. After repairing the vessel, it was relaunched today and is now moored at the dock rather than being dragged on to shore. Dragging, sand and rudders don't mix. That's the lesson here.