Friday, June 11, 2010

That Time Is Now

In the course of history, there comes a time
when humanity is called to shift to a new level
of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground.
A time when we have to shed our fear
and give hope to each other.

That time is now.

~Wangari Maathai

Of Note: Ever wonder why people just cannot get along? What is it about humans that we always want to fight? To disagree and argue? Why is it we find stress the norm rather than the exception? Could be that our underlying human psychology finds harmony through conflict? We live in an environment of duality, which requires resolving the pair of opposites conundrum. We really have no choice but to learn the lessons of the soul in the spiritual school of hard knocks called Earth. From an evolutionary perspective, a soul would be excited to have finally made it to the tests provided by the Earthly experience. It would be the time to finally shine.....literally. With that in mind, maybe the conflicts we see could take on a new light. Could it be that they are simply a necessary stage in the soul's path to enlightenment? Not conflicts in the usual sense, rather hard lessons--until they are no longer hard or lessons. We may be approaching a time when humanity as a whole recognizes that experience, and when it occurs, a new age will unfold "before our startled eyes."

Today's Weather Report: It is chilly and raining. Rain and more rain is coming our way today. We just had a full day of rain two days ago, and the "welcome rain" signs are out everywhere. Well, not literally, but at least figuratively. The flower garden is lush from all the rain. Of course, the weeds are loving the moisture as well.