Friday, June 4, 2010

Power and Love

Power without love is reckless and abusive.
Love without power is sentimental and anemic.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Of Note: We often hear that if we would only love one another, all would be well. In one of his last speeches, Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us it is not that easy. Good intentions are just that, the intention to do good. Without the will to carry it out, potential good can stagnate and eventually fester leaving only cynicism and hopelessness in its wake. A new idea is emerging in public and private philanthropy. Power and love, head and heart, must proceed together in order to change the world. This means that a business model will work with the poor--who by and large want to help themselves. Ask them and they tell us that. Donations are a good start in conjunction with a working plan to create sustainable businesses. The developed world has had the opportunity and flourished. It is now time for the developing world to have the same. I predict that when this new idea becomes widespread, the poor may eradicate poverty from within and eventually not need help. In fact, in the process, they may teach the developed world a thing or two about business acumen coupled with compassion about which they may be experts.

Today's Weather Report: The rain today is sorely needed. It is official; this is our 8th year of drought! No wonder the lake is down so far.
The flower garden has never looked better, drought or not. The turtles have been laying their eggs all week in the driveway. The dogs bark and bark during this process until called in. They have no idea that one quick snap, and their nose could be gone. Turtles can be very quick and don't let go. Hopefully, the two dogs will not have to learn that lesson. Misty, the pup who was mauled by the bear, has another wound on her back at the top of the healed incision line. I should say apparently healed. The vet believes this hole is caused by stitches making their way to the surface. Thus, we are in a waiting and watching mode, and she is on more antibiotics.