Monday, December 13, 2010

No Islands Anymore


~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

Of Note: The United States Geological Service has taken connectivity to new heights. If we feel the earth move under our feet, we can now report it directly to USGS at their Website "Did You Feel It?" Used to be, information gathering took up to a year to generate from seismographs scattered over the globe. Turns out, humans are good seismographs themselves. With locals emailing shake and quake information directly, the information is gathered almost instantaneous. The result? Earthquake maps in real time. Another offshoot has been earthquake detection in unusual places, such as Maryland in July. Review of the Website shows an interactive map that can be accessed by John Q. Public worldwide. This development illustrates an outer manifestation of the changes taking place on the inner side. Exoteric follows esoteric--that is the universal law. That the new connectivity takes place through the ether is a promise that better things are yet to come.

Today's Weather Report: It is another one of those illusory days when the sun is out making it look warm, and it ain't. The temperature is hanging in there at 11 degrees Fahrenheit with a forecast of well below zero tonight. But 11 degrees can feel cold or really cold depending on the accompanying circumstances. Today it feels really cold. The generator may be operational by the end of the day but I've heard that before so we will see. In the end, we will no longer have to worry about power outages, nor will anyone buying the property in the future.