Friday, December 31, 2010

In Release, We Begin


~Mark Nepo

Of Note: Forgiveness and gratitude are two of the greatest liberators known to man. In a world fraught with violence, these ways of being are often in short supply. That is why emerging stars shine so brightly. One of these Points of Light is a group of interfaith Korean nuns called Samsohoe, which is raising $1 million for the UN Foundation as an act of forgiveness and gratitude to fund a girl's school in Ethiopia. Several of the nuns were orphaned during the Korean War and Ethiopian UN Peacekeepers protected and cared for them. "This is our way of saying thank you, sixty years later," one of the Buddhist nuns said. People familiar with Samsohoe were not surprised. The group is an exemplar of cooperation and loving kindness and consists of Roman Catholic, Anglican, Buddhist, and Won-Buddhist nuns. The name Samsohoe in the Korean language means "a group of three smiles," and Samso has come to mean "friends from different religious backgrounds." Forgiveness and gratitude plus relationship is the formula for complete release and will provide the new beginning for which the whole world has been waiting. We can add our quota starting right now by acting AS IF the day has already arrived, just like the Samsohoe nuns.

Today's Weather Report: Clouds on top of more clouds are keeping the sun's rays from pouring forth today. Not that it is dark outside, but it is not BRIGHT. Last night at 11 PM it was 42 degrees Fahrenheit and bare spots opened in the blanket of snow. The temperatures have fallen since then to 22 degrees. I will attempt to go to town later today but may turn back if the roads are bad. I simply don't do ice. Weather out west of here is wreaking havoc. I-94 was closed one again near Fargo, ND because of a 100-car pileup that started with two jackknifed trucks. Many interstate highways across the west are closed, and truck drivers are staying put at stops along the way until tomorrow. That means it's bad. Unusually, it snowed in Phoenix, which is now experiencing subfreezing temps. Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio even issued thermal underwear to the inmates at his controversial Tent City jail facility--in pink. Wonder how many took him up on the offer?