Monday, December 6, 2010

The Seeds of Today


~Indian Proverb

Of Note: Would it surprise anyone to discover that the solar system is still evolving? That the planets we see may not be the planets of tomorrow and new planets may emerge from the mysterious edge of the solar system and beyond? Although scientists have not gone as far as the teachings of ageless wisdom, they have concluded that the Oort Cloud, that area swarming with comets hanging on the edge of the solar system, was probably "stolen" from its birthplace where a cluster of stars formed in a huge gas cloud. When our sun pulled away from the birth cluster, it pulled with it comets from its sibling stars. According to one astrophysicist: "This 'thief model' postulates that comets accompanied the nearest star when the birth cluster blew apart. The Sun made off with quite a treasure--the Oort Cloud, which was swimming with comets from all over the neighborhood." Previous models assumed comets formed in the solar system itself but could not account for the number seen over the years. Interestingly, no one has ever seen the Oort Cloud as its presumed distance on the edge of the solar system has precluded an actual sighting. Maybe the postulating scientists should compare the definitions of science and religion. They might find that teachings outside their usual vision have much to offer in the area of astrophysics.

Today's Weather Report: It is lightly snowing at 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Did I mention it is totally overcast? Yes, another cloudy day in December. I am going to send a message to the One on High (OoH) that a little sunshine would be in order. If others would join me, the plea is sure to be answered. Because it is below freezing, we will have some accumulation of snow though I haven't heard that this will amount to much. The aerator in the lake keeps bubbling away much to the delight of the fish, I'm sure. Hopefully, we will not have the fish kill of last spring, which prompted the two dogs to carry smelly, decomposing fish to the front door. I buried the first carcass and placed a huge stump on top. Not to be deterred, the dogs dug from the side and extracted the soil-covered body. I tried digging deeper to no avail. Soon, I began to recognize the poor dead fish, which I named Stinky. By the time I threw the thing in the trash can, he was encrusted with dirt and was missing most of his fins and scales. When the second fish appeared, it went straight to the trash can as did all the rest. Don't know if the garbage men appreciated the hidden treasure, but I certainly learned my lesson: big dogs are better at digging than I. Simple but true.