Saturday, December 18, 2010

With One Sound, BE

Creation was spoken
with one sound, BE.
The two letters, B and E
to record it came after.

The meaning of the Sound
and its Resonance are One.

There is no way to say this,
in so many words!
And no place to stop saying it.

~Jelaluddin Rumi

Of Note: A controversy is raging now in the world of astrophysics. The question? Are we part of a multiverse or not? Is our universe nested in another, part of another or one of many? Or is our universe alone, a singularity? Last month two astrophysicists declared that "they had managed to see through the Big Bang and glimpse evidence of previous incarnations of the universe in an analysis of the radio waves from space." What they found as evidence of the multiverse theory were two rings outlined in space one inside the other. Two perfect concentric circles. In the novel Contact, the best-selling author-cosmologist Carl Sagan fictionally postulated that the number pi, a transcendental number having a value to eight decimal places of 3.14159265, if let to go to infinity would produce a circle, similar to the O in Om. Could it be that embedded in that never-ending string of numbers is a clue to the genesis of the universe? The learned astrophysicists may get closer to the truth in 2012 when more information pours in from the Planck satellite now scanning the sky. Until then, the pro-multiverse and anti-multiverse camps will vehemently debate the issue. However, even though many refute the interpretation of the current data, the circles are unmistakable. Could it be that we are closer to the truth than we recognize? 2012 may turn out to be quite the year.

Today's Weather Report: At 1 AM, it is 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The moon is moving toward full in Sagittarius, and the snow is lit by moon light. It is quite an eerie scene. Because of that, the dogs refused to come in when I let out so I waited quite awhile for the "children" to return. Dogs and brightly lit moons certainly take to one another. Or could it be the howling wolves that set them off?