Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Soul is the Deep that Calls Unto Itself

There is no depth beyond the soul of man,
and the soul is the deep
that calls unto itself;
for there is no other voice to
speak and no other ears to hear.

~Kahlil Gibran

Of Note: Ageless wisdom teaches that what we call soul is but a reflection of a greater Soul called the Monad, which yearns for consciousness. Its evolution marks a journey from unconsciousness to consciousness that takes it into the depths of hell only to return again as victor, a story summarized in the parable of the prodigal son. The end-game has yet to be revealed but Franz Kafka had an understanding of who was actually in charge when he said "It is eternity in a person that turns the crank." Although we first aspire toward union with the lower soul, what we call our Higher Self, an even greater union awaits us. It is for this that an evolved mystic yearns.

Today's Weather Report: It is cold in my office at 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside. A light snow is falling and, of course, it is cloudy. Even with a double layer sweatshirt on, my hands are freezing. That is one of the reasons we are extending throughout the house the heating system powered by the wood boiler. Only one day left with plumbers crawling around the house. Until next time, of course. There is always a next time for work done around here. On another note, Chewy's ears have yet to stand up like a good German Shepherd's. However, we have been told by a reliable source that he will continue to grow until he's two. During this time, the erect ears will take care of themselves. That was reassuring, though at 100 pounds, we wonder how much more growing he will do.

Special Watcher Bulletin: Julian Assange of Wikileak is now wanted by Interpol for questioning about sexual assault allegations in Sweden. Powers that be seem unable to locate him, though he has been giving interviews to the press. Right or wrong, here is a man who has changed every government's way of doing business with his Wikileak dumps of "secret" information. He is most likely unstoppable though the United States Department of Justice is looking at espionage laws as a way to curtail his activities. At this point, however, I would bet taking him out would make no difference because another intrepid soul would take up the cause. It would appear that this cat is out of the bag and how governments deal with the outcome will be most telling. My question? Where did this man come from? It is seemingly out of the blue.