Thursday, December 30, 2010

Door of Perception


~ William Blake

Of Note: We have a difficult time getting our brains around the word Infinite. Even if we think we can, we cannot because our physical being is finitely hardwired. Master Blake invites us to look past the brain to the perceptive Mind where the Infinite is always accessible. How might we know that the Infinite Mind exists? Astrophysicists, who are studying the data sent from twin space probes on the edge of the solar system, may be finding out. Their search has uncovered startling evidence that galaxies in our universe are being pulled along by what they dub "The Dark Flow." Apparently, the Milky Way and other galaxies are being yanked by a force outside our universe in the direction of the constellation Centaurus. The lead scientist was so skeptical of his first conclusions drawn from Milky Way data that he began looking at recordings from other galaxies. Turns out, the force is all-encompassing. He said in resignation: "This motion persists as far as the eye can see." Nothing in the known universe can explain the phenomenon and he concluded: "The unseen energy could be a thousand times farther out than the horizon and cause a slight tilt to our universe." We layman have not been accustomed to thinking outside our "infinite" universe, but scientists may be on the cusp of finding out that there is a Source beyond its structure. Ageless wisdom teaches us that no space probes sent from Earth could journey to the edges of the Greater Universe, the Infinite Universe of the Mind. This Path is only open through meditation. Master Blake new that, and he and his fellow Masters welcome anyone willing to make the trek. It is guaranteed life would never be the same.

Today's Weather Report: Coming back to Earth now, I will report that it is in the mid-thirties Fahrenheit and dripping, dripping everywhere. A large cluster of icicles is hovering precariously over the service entrance to the garage. Hope they let loose today as walking underneath is fraught with danger. Don't know what a huge chuck of pointed ice falling two stories might do, but I bet it wouldn't be pretty. The roads are treacherous with ice and few are traveling in northern Wisconsin today. It is forecast that the temps will drop to below zero by the end of the day, setting the ice in place until the next thaw. That could be bad news. Other winters with ice conditions like these have resulted in a multitude of falls and many broken bones. Knock on wood that this winter will not unfold like that. Amazingly, Arizona is expecting snow, and the east coast is tunneling out following their blizzard earlier in the week. Seems the winter has many surprises in store--and it has only just begun.