Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Umbilical Spot of Grace

Each person is born with
an unencumbered spot--
free of expectation and regret,
free of ambition and embarrassment,
free of fear and worry--
an umbilical spot of grace where
we were first touched by God.

It is this spot of grace
that issues Peace.

~Mark Nepo

Of Note: The government of New Zealand released its classified files detailing UFO reports dating back 50 years. New Zealand has always been a hotbed of UFO sightings, which includes the most famous in 1978 when cargo plane personnel radioed air traffic controllers that they were being following by strange lights. The air traffic controllers were not surprised because they too saw it on their radar screens. While officials gave little feed back to those reporting the multitude of incidents over the years, the government kept careful record of each and every one. UFO stand for Unidentified Flying Object, and most can be explained by natural phenomenon or government projects of which the public has no knowledge. Ageless wisdom does not say a word about UFO's but does mention the Chain of Hierarchy, which reaches from above to below. Using our creative faculties, let us imagine for a moment a higher intelligence blipping into our physical plane in order to strengthen the universal umbilical cord of Love to a troubled planet. Most of these contacts would go unnoticed, but a few--a very few--might be witnessed by a startled observer. Master Morya said that supermundane contacts occur regularly but are not noticed because they do not comport to our understanding of reality. We can assist in our planet's birth to an Age of Peace by sharpening our abilities to sense the true blips sent from a higher Source. Thus, we could help anchor the threads of Love, Light and Power through our receptive minds. Daily, the Higher Spheres send out the invitation to join in this redemptive work. The decision to join is left to us.

Today's Weather Report: Several layers of clouds are keeping the sun rays away from the Earth's surface in northern Wisconsin. It looks like snow and feels like snow, but there is no snow in the forecast. That's OK, wouldn't be the first time the meteorologists got it wrong. We sometimes complain about those dedicated men and women who track our weather, but actually they have gotten much better in their predictive skills over the years. Computers have made all the difference. Sometimes I play around with ideas like weather being an Entity swayed by human emotions. Certainly the combined emotions of a nation create energy that has to be dissipated somehow. Think "clearing the air" or "stirring up a fuss," and we know that humanity understands this concept at a deep level. Someday scientists may put a National Emotional Indicator value in their formulas and increase their predictive abilities ten-fold. It's just a thought.