Friday, December 17, 2010

A Tale of Five Masters


Last century when Victorian bigotry and religious
narrow-mindedness had reached a climax,
one of the Masters in order to counteract this,
inspired the Agnostic Movement.
This in turn showed signs of becoming
over-emphasized, so to adjust the balance another
of the Masters inspired the Spiritualistic Movement.
A little later Master Koot Hoomi and Master
Morya sponsored the Theosophical Society.
Then yet another Master inspired Christian Science.
All these Movements were operative simultaneously,
and each in opposition to the other.

Haeckel swept aside belief in the souls as pure superstition.
Madame Blavatsky informed the spiritualists that their
spirits were but empty shells,
while Mrs. Eddy pronounced Theosophy to be
"an error of the mortal mind," and Victorian
bigots condemned each and all of these Movements
as anti-christian machinations of the devil.

Meanwhile, though the Masters deplored these
intolerant denunciations, they patiently watched
each Movement to gauge its effect on the great
Evolutionary Scheme, toward the carrying out
of which they work so harmoniously.

~David Anrias
Through the Eyes of the Masters

Of Note: Christopher Hitchens, author of the controversial book God is Not Great, was diagnosed this year with esophageal cancer. When asked if his poor prognosis might bring him to prayer, he quipped: "I don't think that souls or bodies can be changed by incantation." He would definitely be placed in the Agnostic-Atheist Camp and be joined possibly by Steven Hawking and other scientists, who believe the universe appeared out of nowhere, black holes and all. At the same time, the New Age Movement stole the hearts and minds of many and made some people quite wealthy while at the same time spreading the word that invisible realms existed, a laudable milestone. Tom Cruise jumped on couches on the Oprah Winfrey Show to demonstrate that Christian Science was still alive and well over 100 years since its creation. Meanwhile, the Christian right was so powerful within the past decade as to elect a President when it gathered its forces. A Watcher has a seat at the stadium as all these Movements play in opposition. Only from that position does the age-old strategy of the Masters becomes apparent. One day, mankind will know and understand that the end-game is Love not power and will orchestrate its own actions. But in the meantime, the Masters of Wisdom are in charge. It should be reassuring to know we have such Guides in the background--Guides with a wry sense of humor at that.

Today's Weather Report: It is currently 16 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, sunny, sunny. Earlier this morning clouds were the norm, and sunshine was elusive. Not any longer. The clouds have scampered away. Some might wonder why I praise sunshine so much. It is simple: humans are built to process the stuff. Without it, the brain shuts down as does the rest of the body. Those who live in sunshiny climates never experience lack of sun for any length of time. But those of us in the north who do, understand that our very being depends on those rays. Too many days without it produce conditions called seasonal affective disorder, cabin fever or simply "the blahs." In the winter months, some folks even resort to lamps which simulate sunshine or take that week-long trip to Florida. Some just suffer. So bring that sunshine on--the more days the better.