Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love Will Simply Win


~James Baldwin
Nothing Personal

Of Note: Cosmologists have had a big problem for years. The Big Bang theory implies that the universe should have been split equally between matter and anti-matter. If that was the case, the two would have annihilated each other, and the cosmos would be empty. Somehow matter won out, and physicists had no idea why. Until now. For eight-years, scientists at the Tevatron Particle Accelerator in Illinois have poured over data focusing on the short-lived B meson particle. Why? This tiny spark of energy oscillates between matter and anti-matter: one moment it is a B meson and another an anti-B meson. This flow should have created just as many B mesons as anti-B mesons, but it did not. Somehow the B meson won the day over its anti-B meson twin. The variation was small, a mere 1%, but it was enough to get the researcher's attention as it was a clear indication that the Law of Reciprocity, a foundational law of the universe, might break down at some level. Further experiments at both Tevatron and the Large Hadron Collider in Europe will test the unexpected findings. It might be that the universe has many surprises in store for us as the years unfold. Could it be that the wrong B meson won 13.7 billion years ago and that the anti-B meson will one day in the far distant future take back the night?

Today's Weather Report: What a balmy winter day with temps in the mid 20's Fahrenheit. The sun was even shining, and all was right with the world--except on the east coast which got hammered with snow yesterday--two feet of the stuff in places. Two feet here is bad enough and shut down an interstate and a major airport in Minnesota a few weeks back. That amount out east means roads and airports will be clogged until Friday. Some stranded travelers in Boston were lucky enough to score a cot at the airport. Others have been left with the uncomfortable airport chairs while many have just taken to lying on the floors using their packs as pillows. It appears another storm is brewing on the west coast, which is now clear after their deluge last week. All the while we in northern Wisconsin have just skated along with just enough snow to keep the ground white, and its residents happy. It still has not been cold enough for the -40 degree Iditarod suit, but most likely someday in January when the temps drop below zero, it will get pulled out and put to use.