Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Winds Across the Sky

Sometimes I go about pitying myself,
and all the time I am being carried on
great winds across the sky.

~Chippewa Sage

Of Note: It would appear that humanity is in a crisis of despair. Many feel victim to the multitude of forces that move and shape the Earth and have no sense that any of it makes sense. At times like this, old commentaries can provide reassurance and hope that indeed there is an underlying current based on a Plan. What looks to be chaotic, is in fact not. Having said that, the Plan is flexible and contingent on man's participation. The happy ending is inevitable but getting there can take innumerable routes, some longer than others. The more than we humans join with Those in charge, the faster will the desired outcome occur. The whole universe is watching. Why? For reasons that have not been revealed, the Earth scheme plays a central role in the evolution of a great Being we call God, who is learning the lessons of Love on a cosmic scale. As He progresses, so do we all. We can help out by acting AS IF unconditional Love reigns supreme on His planet and then someday it will. That is guaranteed; it is only the timing that is in play and for that humanity is responsible.

Today's Weather Report: Wonder of wonders, we are having a January thaw at the end of December. At 37 degrees Fahrenheit, icicles from the roof are clamoring to the ground. I have been creating an Esoteric Glossary from the 1,000 plus 3X5 cards created over the last three years that contain esoteric definitions and quotes from my reading. Today I will type the P's which contain definitions of the Plan, Pain, Polarity, Power, and Planets to name just a few of the entries. So far this work has been quite rewarding. After the P's, there are only 5 letters to go since I didn't take them in order. Looming on the horizon are the Q's which contain a myriad of Quotes and S's which include Soul. It looks like the S's will contain more entries than all the others so it is being held for the last.