Thursday, December 16, 2010

And Man Will Be Whole

Man will some day establish an intelligent
relation to the whole of which he is a part
and with conscious cooperation.

Thus, the higher mind and the lower mind,
the abstract and the concrete,
will be
brought into a functioning unity,
and man will be whole.

~Master DK

Of Note: If mankind could see itself from the higher planes, it would see a unit, a whole, embedded within another unit or whole in a chain of nested hierarchies. It is recognition of this fact that will bring revelation. Russia is part of that revelation according to Master DK who spoke through Alice Bailey. He predicted that fusing and blending eastern Europe and northern Asia cultures is the destiny of this nation. Furthermore, through an alchemical combination of Russia, the United States and Great Britain lie the destiny of entire planet. Some might look at Russia now and ask how this could be so. After all, just yesterday after protests outside the Kremlin turned violent, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin highlighted the need to strengthen public order in a state that already quickly and brutally disperses anti-Kremlin activists. Many interpreted his remarks to mean a further clampdown on opposition protests. What's more, Moscow is now the journalist murder capital of the planet. These facts do not add to the business atmosphere in Russia where many western concerns, such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., are heading for the nearest exit. On the other hand, the Soyuz space craft took off this week with three astronauts: an American, an Italian and a Russian from the same launch pad that took the first cosmonaut into space in 1961. From the space station next April, this multinational crew will mark the 50th anniversary of that historic ascent. Master DK explained that at the present "Russia is but embryonic and her part lies more in the East than in the West. Her two ruling signs are Aquarius and Leo and her real comity of nations lies far ahead when the Aquarian age is flourishing, and the Leo control of the Russian Personality has been offset." Thus, while the prediction made in 1949 might seem far-fetched, the incoming energies will inexorably have their effect. Then we will see a new Russia stand with an equally illuminated United States and Great Britain and right human relations will flourish. Humanity will then know itself whole and recognize its own destiny as a bridge between the higher and lower kingdoms. We are encouraged to see the beginning of this trend already.

Today's Weather Report: Not quite sure what it was early in the morning, but at 9 AM it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit. The proof is noted to the right. These temperatures are not conducive to outdoor activities, unless one is bundled-up to the hilt. Then movement becomes problematic. I particularly loath those -40 degree boots which are always black and look like two small tanks. What's more, they feel like two small tanks when walking. When I put my -40 degree red Iditarod snowsuit on with the fur hood plus chunky gloves and those mega-boots and begin to walk, I resemble one of those monsters from a 1940's sci-fi flick. I have seen people running in screaming as I approach. Don't believe that? Well, actually, they were just laughing at the former Texas girl who never quite acclimated to the northern Wisconsin winters even after 30 years. Can't say I haven't tried, and Master DK and his colleague Master MM said that's all that counts. I'm not going anywhere; so, maybe after another 30 years, I will have come to love the outdoors in winter.