Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Sun is Ours


An ancient legend recounts:

From a far-off world came a Messenger to bestow
upon men Equality, Brotherhood and Joy.
Long since had men forgotten their songs.
They remained in a stupor of hate.

The Messenger banished darkness and the
sense of the human crowd.
He effaced contagion and raised up joy in labor.
Hatred was bridled and the sword of
the Messenger remained upon the wall.

But all were silent and could not sing.

Then the Messenger gathered the little children
and took them into the forest saying,
"There are your flowers, our streams, your trees.
None have followed us.
I shall rest and you BE filled with joy."

Thereupon, timidly they ventured into the forest.
At last the smallest of them remained on the green,
lost in rapture at beholding the sun rays.
Then the yellow oriole started its call.
The little one followed it, whispering;
then soon joyously he exclaimed, "

One by one, the children returned to the green
and a new hymn to Light rang out.
The Messenger said,
"Man has again begun to sing. Come is the date!"

Of Note: The date comes when the temple shall rise again on the plane. What is that temple but a humanity enlightened by the rays of the sun after having been shrouded in darkness for eons. It is prophesied that a Messenger of Light will lead the way from darkness into Light through Love. Buddha, as the original Messenger, brought the Light of Knowledge unto the world; Jesus, His Brother, carried the torch one step further and brought the Joy of Love. The Christ, through great sacrifice, buried the thread of Will and Purpose deep into the bowels of the Earth when He walked on its surface. The Christ is set to return and finish His work once we humans have stepped up to our responsibilities. We will know we have done our part when right human relations, the recognition of the needs of all, the spirit of cooperation and sharing, a sense of personal responsibility and sacrifice of selfishness for the common good prevail. The signs of these changes are beginning to be seen, and the universe watches and waits in great anticipation.

Today's Weather Report: Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. Need I say more? At 30 degrees Fahrenheit, we are having a virtual heat wave. Not a tropical heat wave, just a northwoods winter version. A friend visiting family in California for Christmas is smack-dab in the middle of torrential monsoon-like rain. He said some places have gotten two feet of precipitation! Mudslides are expected. Another friend in the UK reports unseasonably cold temps the whole month of December--the worst in 100 years. Apparently, Father Winter has surprises in store for his 2010 - 2011 northern hemisphere debuts. We will see if he has any more as his season unfolds.