Monday, December 27, 2010

Risking Ourselves Through Living


~William James

Of Note: Some of us have tried living in isolated castles within our brains because of past hurts. Of course, because of the inter-connectivity of all beings, that approach is merely an illusion. Researchers are beginning to understand this as well. One Princeton neuroscientist, Lauren Silbert, created an ingenious experiment to prove the point. She placed herself inside an fMRI brain scanner and took recordings of herself remembering the senior prom at which two boys fought over her. The memory was highly emotionally charged. Volunteers then listened to her tale while undergoing similar brain scanning. Surprisingly, they found that the brain scans of those who paid close attention paralleled that of the neuroscientist. What really got Silbert's attention, however, was the fact that key brain regions lit up before the volunteers heard her words suggesting anticipation of what she would say next. The scientific visionary opined: "The more we anticipate someone, the more we're able to enter their space." What will eventually come is the understanding that we are always in each others space in many ways, including telepathically, whether we realize it or not. Because of this, those in the know have a responsibility to keep their space swept clean of anger, hate, judgment, mistrust and the like by Being Love and Light. When enough people have made these mental and emotional accommodations and Stand with their brothers and sisters doing likewise, dawn will inevitably break and True Life will be revealed--it could happen in an instant.

Today's Weather Report: 21 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, sunny, sunny. The first day in several that the sky is cloudless, and the sun's rays have full access to the snowy ground. Raising the blinds in the southern exposed windows of the kitchen this morning raised the temperature 5 degrees in 5 minutes. That is almost instantaneous warmth. A large icicle just fell with a crash to the ground from outside my second story window. The sun is out, life is good. The sun's rays interpenetrate the body and effect many chemical pathways critical to life. What is less understood is the effect on the eyes which have a direct link to the brain. An eye is merely an external brain outlet. Once the mind is functioning and working through the brain, the soul has access to the world of men through the eyes. We can thank the sun's rays for opening that physical channel.