Saturday, January 1, 2011

Watch-for-Change Person of the Year Award


~Zen Proverb

Of Note: The first annual Watch-for-Change Person of the Year Award goes to the current Masters of Wisdom, those men and women of the Himalayas who are responsible for the evolution of humanity and ceaselessly work behind the scenes. As world directors, also known archaically as the Society of Illumined and Organized Minds, they are primarily concerned with positive energy rather than substance or form and work with the soul of things. It is said that "From the positive center they move and from that center they take a Stand." According to Helen Roerich, who served the Masters in the early 1900's, their main goals are three: to ameliorate conditions on the earthly plane, requiring diligence and patience; to search for ways to convey to people the results obtained, requiring much self sacrifice; and to search for means to communicate with the distant, invisible worlds, demanding alertness and fearlessness. Even though these Masters could have continued ascending their own evolutionary Path, they instead made a conscious decision to stay behind for a time and guide a struggling mankind. Some may ask with such Divine guidance, why chaos predominates the planet? The answer is simple. The Masters cannot impede humanity's Free Will, which is sacrosanct. Thus, the chaos we see on the physical plane is of man's own doing, and the peace that will some day prevail will be of man's own doing as well. It will then be possible for the Masters of Wisdom to walk again among men and provide aid directly. The current Masters will then move on to greater pursuits satisfied that they have done their part as behind the scene Guides and Teachers of mankind in the School of Earth. Thank you Masters Morya, Koot Hoomi, Jesus and the rest. Your efforts are noted and appreciated.

Today's Weather Report: It is 1-1-11--a propitious number if there ever was one. Doesn't feel that much different than yesterday, but my antenna are up for omens and signs of benevolent action sweeping the planet. Could be that the energy is just coming in today and will not manifest as positive change for some time, but a new energy has arrived. That is for sure. This morning I awoke to a cold zero degrees Fahrenheit with a slight mist falling, which was encasing everything it touched in ice. Actually, the process started last evening. This morning a stiff breeze was added to the mix so that the wind chill is well below zero. Out in North Dakota, the weather lady was talking -38 degrees wind chill. That is dangerously cold. If a person was venturing outside, she would definitely require a -40 degree Iditarod suit to keep warm, that and some long underwear plus those tank boots and chunky gloves. It might not be pretty but it would be toasty. Let me tell you, on a cold day like today, that's all that matters.