Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not a Snowflake Escapes


~ Henry David Thoreau

Of Note: Some people think that a God creates each and every thing on the planet. Fact is, while a transcendent God may be responsible for the original swarm of atomic particles in the universe which sparked the current creation process, It has been out of the process since. Planetary and human groups have taken up the slack by putting together their own combinations. The consciousness is infinitely creative in a very literal sense. Even classic physics experiments have proven that we change the outcome of an experiment with our beliefs, aka our thought-forms, while psychologists are on the cusp of discovering thought energy itself. Thus, it is our responsibility to this planet and all kingdoms in nature to direct our thoughts toward the best combinations based on the spiritual values of right human relations, a cooperative and sharing spirit, personal responsibility and sacrificial selflessness for the common good. While we are not there yet, a dim light is beginning to glow brighter on the horizon as the new better-formed combinations are born. All are welcome to join the activity through meditation and service. The greater universe will rejoice.

Today's Weather Report: Right at this moment it is 18 degrees Fahrenheit and lightly snowing. That means it's also overcast with no direct sunshine to brighten the day. Yesterday 49 of 50 states in America had snow cover of some kind, including Hawaii. The only escapee was Florida. Not that Hawaii was completely covered, mind you, only the top of a dormant volcano was covered in 7 inches of the white stuff, but that counted nonetheless. Last February beat these numbers--one day in that month all 50 states had snow cover! But prior to that, we had not had full coverage since the 1970's. A meteorologist who tracks such things said last winter a record snow coverage pattern emerged while spring had a record low. Seems to me, the weather has a mind of its own and does whatever it wants whenever it desires, and we are still not very good at deciphering its language. Someday when we uncover more of the variables to weather patterns, such as human emotion, more of her secrets will be revealed.

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