Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joining the Beginning with the End


~Alcmaeon of Crotona

Of Note: Men cannot be blamed for not joining the beginning to the end. Most simply do not have the eyes to see the Whole--yet. The fact is, however, that we are getting there and rapidly. Rapidly that is in the universal sense which may seem like a snail's pace to those embedded solely on the physical planes. Over the centuries, individual intrepid souls, such as Pythagoras who ran a school on the island of Crotona, have stepped outside the confining walls if Time and explored the Eternal Now. They have brought back to humanity life-sustaining seeds of knowledge. Thus, down through time, the ageless wisdom has been passed to succeeding generations until now the seeds are beginning to bear fruit. The impact of this collective information is so potent that the energy can only be borne in groups. And so it is. These groups of forerunners, who identify with the Whole, are the guarantee that mankind will fulfill its Divine destiny and not perish. Our gratitude goes out to them for their sacrifice.

Today's Weather Report: 9 degrees Fahrenheit and holding. I don't even care it is so frigid because there is not a cloud in the sky to obstruct the sunshine from streaming down to Earth. As an experiment, I have recently added a Tea Camellia (Camellia sinensis) to my menagerie of house plants. Apparently, all white and green tea is produced from this plant which can grow 20 feet tall. But not in my house where the single stem will be kept small through judicious pruning. Over the course of years, it will make a great bonsai, or at least that is my hope. It was a trick getting it here in the middle of winter, but the grower in Louisiana did a great job of packaging the fragile plant. In addition, my rural postal carrier called to say he was going to leave it at the mailbox on Friday instead of having it sit at the post office over the New Year's weekend. That was very considerate of him because travel was quite iffy that icy day. It was a small act of kindness that will pay off in big dividends later.