Saturday, January 22, 2011



~ Albert Einstein

Of Note: Like a butterfly, each of us must metamorphose in our lifetime from the I am to the future I am. For most, the process is quite gradual and almost imperceptible; for others, it is a daily occurrence and from the outside looks rather chaotic. It is the difference between taking the slow road round and round to the summit of the mountain or going straight up. The slow road is less fraught with danger. In the evolutionary scheme of things, however, both are assured. The souls of nations are on the same journey, and this week Tunisia took a giant leap forward in a surge toward democracy. It was so sudden that many watchers were taken by surprise. Some had to retreat to maps to find out exactly where the northern African nation was. The autocratic, dictatorial and monarchical leaders of other Arab countries were most likely looking on in horror as the energy of freedom showed itself with such force. The long-time President, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, fled this week with his family to France after bloody protests shook the country. Yesterday, even the once-feared police force joined the protesters as the residual government assessed what to do next. The officers, who earn only $350 or 250 Euros a month, had been accused of killing protesters, and they wanted to set the record straight. One quipped: "The government always made sure the people were scared of us but this must end. Also I don't want the blood of martyrs on my hands." They piled into their official cars, blew whistles and waved flags, happy to be able to protest for the first time in decades. This is the way of freedom--first comes oppression, then the seemingly unbearable crisis, which can lead to liberation if the combination of energy is potent enough. Seems the Tunisians, little that they know it, could ignite the powder keg of pent up freedom in the Middle East. It could be the big story of 2011.

Today's Weather Report: We are experiencing a heat wave at 1 degree Fahrenheit. It did get down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning and only warmed to 0 degrees. So this current temp is in line with the high from last night. The dogs think they are in heaven and simply like to lie in the snow with their noses buried. When they come in, we hear the clink-clink of ice between their paws against the floor. Misty goes at the ice like a dentist pulling a tooth, Chewy not so much. Thus, he clinks around for longer than she. Sometimes, they leave little ice cubes on the floor, which turn into puddles of water. That's why shoes are essential wear in this house; cold water pockets are no fun in stocking feet.

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