Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not Yet Finished with Creation


~ Osho

Of Note: We know that God is not finished with creation because Humanity, a Divine Outpost, is creating all the time. To date most of the creativity has been addressed to material concerns and that is rightly so. Slowly but surely, however, man's genius is turning toward brotherhood induced by cooperation and recognition of the needs and rights of all. Often, this creativity does not take the form of high tech innovation, rather low-tech inventiveness based on native wisdom. Take for example the new low-tech, low-cost method for tuberculosis detection being used in Tanzania. Researchers have found that trained 10 to 15 pound Gambian Pouched Rats, descended from animals captured in that country, were able to smell the TB bacterium in a sputum sample. While ordinary lab tests were available to detect tuberculosis, they were prohibitively expensive; the machine alone cost $17,000 and each test $17. Because of that, 100-year old smear microscopy has been used in the field. As the name implies, this test involved smearing a sputum sample on a slide and looking for TB bacterium under a microscope. However, 60 - 80 percent of cases went undetected, and the deadly bacterium continued to spread. This was where the Gambian Pouched Rat, also used in landmine detection, came in. In tests conducted at Western Michigan University, the rats picked up 44% more positive cases, and the animal's sensitivity (the ability to detect TB) ranged as high as 87% and specificity (the ability to detect the absence of TB) was an astounding 93%. Even so, the lead researcher said that "the medical community remains skeptical." That is OK. Man's genius does not stop at the entrance to the Halls of Medicine. Scientists with a burning desire to collaborate with those in need are moving forward with their own creative juices flowing, augmented by the ancient knowledge gathered from "undeveloped" countries. Skeptics, surprised at the positive results, may one day join the effort. Then, swift change will be guaranteed. Until that time, however, we can count on slow, steady progress pushed by the tide of brotherhood currently gaining momentum around the globe.

Today's Weather Report: It was a frosty and frigid -18 degrees Fahrenheit this morning but has warmed to an amazing 34 degrees! That is two degrees above freezing. At least that is the official temp recorded in the nearby town. I see no dripping off the roof or other signs of thaw so I am skeptical about the reading. Maybe the bright sunshine pelting the snow had something to do with it. Not a cloud in the sky obstructed its rays. While I am not a huge fan of snow, the two dogs are. When let outside, they romp and play and faux-fight continuously. The neighbor was so impressed with these two that he got his own German Shepherd this past week. It could get interesting with three German Shepherds in the immediate neighborhood.

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