Monday, January 3, 2011

Sing and Dance, Live and Love

Sing like no one is listening.
Dance like no one is watching.
Love like you will never be hurt.
Live like it is Heaven on Earth.

~Mark Twain

Of Note: It seems that we humans take to pessimism like ducks to water. Listening to conversations, reading newspapers and watching 24/7 cable news could convince us that mankind is hardwired for misery. After all, "if it bleeds, it leads" is a journalistic mantra. But the truth is, as sparks of the Divine, we are hardwired for Joy and Bliss. Mark Twain had it right when he suggested Living each day as Love no matter the reaction of the neighbors. He must have known that as the emanations of Love flow from our Being, our environment responds in harmonic, rhythmic vibration. Two bodies in unison emanating Love increase this service exponentially. A whole group in sympathetic vibration could change the world. What looks like chaos and misery from the outside is in reality the evolution of humanity from the pursuit of selfishness to the unequivocal pursuit of unselfish through Love. We humans are on the Path; that is a fact. How fast we proceed is up to us. We have no time to waste. So let's begin to Dance and Sing, Live and Love, as if there is no tomorrow. Along the way our emanations will be seeding the future so that our children's children will know the Divine state of Joy and Bliss from the womb. Music anyone?

Today's Weather Report: 17 degrees Fahrenheit is nothing special this time of year, nor was the -10 degrees early this morning. What is unusual is the sheet of glare ice calling itself a road that proceeds out my garage door all the way to the main highway. The township is trying to keep some grit down by sanding, but it is only marginally helpful. Yesterday a friend and I saw a three or four car bang-up on the major highway that could only be explained by black ice, that thin layer of frozen precipitation that looks like blacktop and takes unsuspecting drivers by total surprise. One lady was being loaded into a stretcher--several others standing next to their smashed cars simply looked dazed. It made the rest of us slow down and pay closer attention to what looked like clear road. Today while in town, a clerk told us of an accident she had a few days back in which she stopped at a stop sign but her car kept moving forward into an oncoming car. The responding policeman slipped as he was getting out of his vehicle and was quite sympathetic to her plight. Several blogs ago, I mentioned the problems ice can cause this time of year. This current situation, however, is the worst I've ever seen.