Monday, January 17, 2011

Imagination + Knowledge


~Albert Einstein

Of Note: Many believe it is best to leave a vivid imagination behind with childhood as the Halls of Knowledge are explored. Higher learning is prized, and one's prestige goes up in our societies proportional to the number of degrees after a name. Master Einstein was not so easily fooled. He reminded us that past the Halls of Knowledge looms the Halls of Wisdom that cannot be entered without the key of imagination fueled by Love. Knowledge plus imagination sparked by Love leads to genius, which is underwritten by intuition. We see many pseudo-geniuses, who have yet to tap into the cosmic wellspring of loving intuition, strutting their stuff. It is easy to spot the pretenders because they invariably have selfish motives in mind rather than the common good. The day is passing when individuals like Master Einstein will be necessary to carry the torch of loving imagination + knowledge. Groups will one day be collectively and unselfishly genius and will guide the rest of the planet to a new place. Some believe it will be a colony on Mars or the Moon, but it will most likely be right here where we are--an Earth transformed by Loving Imagination coupled with Knowledge rightly used for the first time in the history of humanity. It is for that destiny that we work and serve.

Today's Weather Report: Snow is falling at 18 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the light, fluffy kind and easy to shovel. I would call it perfect 20 degree snow--don't know what the Inuit would call it. What is this thing about birds falling from the sky in Arkansas, Louisiana, California and other states the past few weeks? Each location had its own reason for the massive and sudden die-off, which ranged from firecrackers over New Years to thunderstorms and lightning. None had been shot, but many showed a violent end. While state veterinarians are assessing the situations, local officials are advising calm since such bird deaths are apparently common according to biologists. Could be, but also could be that something is going on since such deaths have rarely been reported in the press or in such numbers. I will add it to frequent and/or strange natural events of late and simply watch.

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