Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Riddle's Hidden Meaning

~Johann Goethe

Of Note: Hacking has always had a bad name but that is being turned around. In November 2009 an unusual event called Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) was held in which hackers worldwide were invited to develop and improve tools aimed at helping emergency managers respond more effectively during disasters. The event was founded by such luminaries as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, the World Bank and NASA. Will Pate, with the World Bank's Global Facility for Disaster Reduction, said: "We are taking back the world of hacking. This is an event where people are there because they care." Since then, the event has expanded to 21 venues across four countries with 1,500 participants. Another type of hacking for the good was recently revealed in which the governments of Israel and the United States were successful in infiltrating Iranian nuclear facilities with a worm called Stuxnet. This computer subterfuge set back Iran's nuclear warhead ambitions by many years, a fact that country vehemently denies. The plot reads like an espionage thriller. Computer scientists in super-secret global facilities created the ultimate worm, which not only attacked but also blinded the Iranian computers to it. 984 centrifuges were disabled in such a sophisticated and precise manner that computer security personnel in Germany, who reviewed the matter, knew professional government computer experts were involved rather than a handful of smart hackers. As it turns out, the Bush Administration began this effort that was eventually accelerated by President Obama in cooperation with the Israeli's Mossad intelligence agency. Doubtless the Masters of Wisdom were working behind the scenes as well. One was quoted as saying earlier in the 20th century: "Cosmic creativeness is intensified through battle, and it proceeds on all planes." That includes ours, the physical, where we are their surrogates in the fight for the common good against those who work in the other direction. It might surprise pacifists that the Masters are first and foremost warriors and wield a powerful sword of Light impregnated by Love. The battle for the light will be won in the end; that is guaranteed. The timing, however, is up to us. Apparently, hackers and other computer intellects will be a part of that fight for the good, and we are glad to welcome them into the fold.

Today's Weather Report: It was 9 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon, which has been pretty typical of late. The real news is the bone-chilling cold coming our way. Apparently, an Arctic blast is heading here tomorrow and sending the thermometer to -26 degrees. I will have to carry that -40 Iditarod suit in my car if I go anywhere the next couple of days--that and some really warm long underwear plus socks, gloves and boots. Don't want to get waylaid on a day like that. Cold or not, the local boys plan an ice-fishing party tomorrow with four newbies from the Chicago area. That should prove interesting. Wonder if they will last or end up in the warm house looking out? Who wouldn't miss such festivities are the two dogs, which are pictured above luxuriating today in the cold.

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