Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meeting the World's Deepest Need



~Frederick Buechner

Of Note: On this last day of November let us imagine a time when human beings will be filled to the brim with passion for what they are doing. Somewhere in the distant past, the mass consciousness put on the cloak of pain as a way to move forward on the evolutionary path. Since then, misery has become so ingrained that humanity is weighed down with the burden and often has difficulty even conceptualizing the inherent gifts of Divinity, an heirloom from Father to Son. Change is on the horizon. For those who do not see it yet, acting AS IF works too. All it takes is an intention to Be Love throughout the day and a short review at night to see how it went. After 28 days, the intention becomes habit. By thus contributing to the pool of harmlessness through the use of the imagination, we can take part directly in the coming transformation. The result? A spirit-driven future in which our children and their children will be secure, happy and committed to the common good. It will be our legacy to future generations for which we will always be remembered.

Today's Weather Report: Water is dripping from the roof at the same time it is snowing. It is an odd combination for sure. A blizzard is forecast for later today, and I'm heading into town shortly to stock up on provisions. Just think, in New Zealand it is spring, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. That thought helps as the snow flies here in the northwoods, and the only colors available are shades of gray. On another note: have you clicked today? On the right hand side of this blog page is a circle asking the reader to click it. Up will pop the Greater Good Network at www.thehungersite.com. All that is required is a quick click in the box provided on six separate pages. It takes under a minute. What the site gets is money from advertisers--over $20 million dollars have been distributed in 10 years. Not bad for six simple clicks. The Website is cool as well so it is a pleasure to donate this way every day. I do it right after finishing the blog. It only took 28 days to make it a habit.