Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Only Lasting Possession

The realization of impermanence
is paradoxically the only
we can hold onto.

Perhaps our only lasting possession.

It is like the sky, or the earth.
No matter how much everything
around us may change or collapse,
they endure.

~Sogyal Rinpoche

Of Note: Freedom fighter and 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi was released today after seven-plus years of house arrest in Myanmar. Being freed entailed taking down the barbed wire barricade near her residence and removing police guards. Otherwise nothing changed. This remarkable woman, who is the embodiment of patience, espouses non-violent democratic change. She was first arrested more than 20 years ago when she had the audacity to help forge an opposition party and has been under house arrest 15 of the last 21 years. 5000 supporters greeted her release, and she is heading to her party's headquarters tomorrow where many more are expected to welcome her back. Fact is, this woman, who has been described as charismatic, tireless and outspoken, has never left, and, while imprisoned, this heroine was an inspiration for non-violent democratic movements around the world. At various points, she had an opportunity to leave Myanmar but would not for fear the military junta would block her return. Suu Kyi's release followed the "democratic" election in Myanmar last week, which consolidated the military junta's hold on the country. We will see if the insecure junta will allow this courageous woman to remain free. But free or not, she has become liberty itself to many around the world. That no dictatorship can squelch.

Today's Weather Report: The scene above greeted me upon awakening this morning. Forget the temperate weather I mentioned before. Truth is, I rarely look to the future in regard to weather predictions, only look out the window as I am writing this blog to see what's what. It is a true instance of "living in the now." At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the snow has little chance of staying around for long once the precipitation stops. If lower temps arrive on the back of the storm, that could be another story. Then, this storm might officially be called the first of the season meaning it is the first to stay put for months and months. Misty, our female German Shepherd, went out this morning and just sat with her face into the wind, apparently relishing the event. Last spring, she found the last snow pile and sat there daily until it was gone.